VersionInfo 1.2.14

Check version of a specific player + send message to player on join according to their version.

  1. It's been some time...

    Hi everyone!
    I see it has been some time since the last update... Lack of time basically.
    I'm working on rewriting the plugin, I had a few problems with my old IDE, things are solved though.
    VersionInfo 2.0 will be using ACF, which is basically a library to implement commands in plugins made for the big Minecraft server softwares (Bukkit/Spigot/Paper, Sponge and BungeeCord). If nothing goes wrong, with ACF I will be able to maintain the same codebase for commands for those 3 platforms and it will be compatible with all of them. <--- Forget this part.

    I will also use this moment to talk a bit about forks: I noticed forks of VersionInfo were starting to pop up prior to this post. All I want to say is that, even though forks are usually created with good intentions, I cannot be made responsible for any modifications that they do over the original project. So, if you have any issues with those said forks, report them to their maintainers.

    That's it really. Have fun with the game, everyone!
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