VertexScala 2.0

Commands essential to small basic servers.

  1. Update 2.0

    Major additions for this update. Here's the changelog:
    • a warning for online-mode: false users, and a option to disable warning in the configuration at VertexScala/config.yml
    • a /uuid command to get a specified player's UUID.
    • a /ban-ip command to ban a specific IP.
    • a /unbanip command to unban a specific IP.
    • a /explode command to explode a specified player.
    • a /clear command to clear a specified player's inventory.
    • a /fly command to set your allowflight...
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  2. Update 1.3

    This update just adds more functionality for server management
    here's the changelog:

    • CheckUpdates command, so you can now force to check updates in-game!
    • Heal command, now you can heal players with VertexScala!
    • Feed command, a command to restore your food bar!
    • Invsee command, you can now stalk your players even more!
    • Time command, so you can time-travel!
  3. Update 1.2

    Some bug fixes and code changes. Essential for your grammar critics.

    • Minor bug fixes
    • Fixed update string
  4. Update 1.1

    Update 1.1 features a version checker, so you will get notified on whether you need a update or not.

    • Versioning Change
    • Constants Change to get from PluginDescriptionFile
    • Version Checker