Vertical Anticheat 1.9.7-2

Vertical is a spigot anticheat for public testing

  1. Anticheat Update

  2. Vertical update

    - Lower delay for checks to respond back on damage
    - ↑ Damage speeds and flys are patched
    - Knockback may false flag speed
  3. Vertical update

    - Recoded Speed (New, OnGround, Air, Main)
    - Improved Fly (Float, Hover)
    - Fixed Bypasses / False Flags For NormalMovements (Y, Speed / Snow)
    - Added Hitboxes
    - Fixed Criticals False Flags For Flying
    - Redone Reach Added (A, B, C) Checks
    - Fixed Clip Exploits / False Flags
  4. Vertical update

    - Added Killaura (Wall)
    - Redone Reach
    - Added Autoclicker check
    - Added Hitbox (Buggy)
    - Added Speed (H)
    - Fix Speed issues and Normalmovements
  5. Vertical update

    - Added Fastbow
    - Added Patch for damage fly // not for all movements be added in next build
    - Added Scaffold (Air)
    - Added Fastladder
    - Remove InvMove (Moving) cause of chest moving false flag
    - KillAura (Bot) disable by default
  6. Vertical update

    - Added AntiPearlPhase and better phase and Vclip and removed Hclip
    - Added Heuristics and Multi not fully tested
    - Added more LineOfSight checks
    - Improved performance and useless code
  7. Anticheat

    Hotfix to fix spigot updater