Vesisika 1.2.0

A simple and intuitive mobile app to keep track of your Minecraft server on-the-go.

  1. dandabs
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Laatikkoxx, Pinkkupulla, CNTGS, Wolf_Explorer, Alexandre, Fabian Vincent Moe Swoboda, Karl-Marcus Siiman, David Walker, Daniel Adams
    Languages Supported:
    Arabic, Finnish, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Chinese, Spanish

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    Does your Minecraft server have too many websites?
    Are players having a hard time keeping track of them all?
    Do you want one central hub for your players and staff, where they can see all of the information they need and the tools you provide to them?
    Do you want to easily manage and keep track of your Minecraft server easily on-the-go?

    Vesisika is just that. Players and staff alike will find it extremely easy to engage in and manage their communities (or herds, as they're called in our app).


    Vesisika's ever-expanding range of features will make sure all of your players are able to manage and view their profile on your server on-the-go. Any Minecraft server running Spigot is able to use our simple installer plugin to register their Vesisika herd. We're also planning upcoming support for Roblox groups too.

    We offer a clean, fast and ad-free experience for users of our app, and offer direct person-to-person support for helping you with any problems you have, or fixing any bugs in the app. Having a great experience for users is one of the most important things for us while producing Vesisika - our development team works closely with a highly-skilled team of translators who make sure Vesisika can be understood and used by people from as many countries as possible.

    A quick bit of trivia for you: the word Vesisika is the Finnish word for water pig, or capybara - the biggest rodent in the world. These impressive semi-aquatic mammals are found throughout much of northern and central South America. Capybaras don’t mind being alone, but they also live in groups of up to 40, called herds. Capybaras also wallow in shallow water and mud to keep cool during a hot day before wandering out in the evening to graze. They are also sometimes known as the friendliest animal, due to their friendly response to human contact.



    Here at Vesisika, we want our platform to be the only place you need to go to manage and keep track of your whole Minecraft server. This is why we're aiming to add new integrations with plugins and features with every new release we publish. We're also actively looking for player and plugin developer suggestions!

    We're working on implementing many more in the near future, but currently offer support for:
    There is a full list of Vesisika's features available here, and a guide to setting up integrations here.

    We also have a list of upcoming features and integrations on our website, here.​


    Setting up Vesisika with your server couldn't get any easier. All you need to do is follow our 3 easy steps:
    1. Download the Vesisika app, then sign up and verify your account.
    2. Download and install the Vesisika plugin on your Minecraft server, then restart.
    3. From your server's console, type the command: vesisika init <owner's username>.
    A more in-depth guide with screenshots is available here.


    If you'd like to test the basic features of Vesisika, download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and join the herd: rq0mVw.

    This herd is linked to our Minecraft server, CloudCraft. If you'd also like to join here, to test the personal statistic features, the IP is



    Vesisika is developed and maintained by a small team of 1 developer and 8 translators, and over 80% of our team is under the age of 16.

    We currently need to host a couple of Minecraft servers, databases and VPS's to keep our app alive, which is considerably hard when our only source of income is donations.
    In the future, we're also be planning to upgrade this set of equipment to provide a better experience to our users.

    If you'd like to support Vesisika, you can donate a small amount to our development team here.​


    Please DO NOT leave bug reports in the Spigot reviews, or App Store/Google Play reviews - you will not receieve support. Instead, contact us with via of the following:
    For any other enquiries (not for support), you may contact the developer at [email protected].
    Please keep in mind that replies may not be instant, since we have many other responsibilities regarding school and work. Thank you.

    We have compiled a list of common errors.
    Please check if your problem is on this list before asking for support: