ViaBackwards 4.0.1

Allow older versions to connect to your Minecraft server.

  1. Version 4.0.0 - 1.17 server support

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    • Added 1.17 server support
      • WARNING: Setting custom world height is NOT supported and will lead to problems with older clients joining. While we took effort to at least make it work with a changed min_y world value, both min_y and and changed height are not and will (most likely) never be fully supported.
      • Old clients will simply not see and not be able to interact with any blocks under y=0 and above y=255.
    • Chat component transformation has been moved from Bungee Chat to the more reliable/modern adventure project to fix multiple issues in that regard
    • Made 1.11->1.10 and 1.10->1.9 sounds configurable
    • Fixed plugins setting player skins (sending respawn packets in the same dimension) in 1.16->1.15 (by myles)
    • Fixed colored inventory titles in 1.13.1->1.13 (by MrMicky)
    • Fixed some mushroom blocks becoming invisible in 1.13->1.12 (by MrMicky)
    • Fixed (some) tab completion of commands without permission in 1.13->1.12 (by MrMicky)
    • Fixed a handful of tab completion parsers in 1.13-1.15 clients (by RK-01)
    • Fixed wolf health tail positions in 1.15->1.14 (by RK-01)
    • Fixed various missing sounds and sound warnings in legacy versions
    • Fixed lightning bolts in 1.16->1.15
    • Fixed errors on legacy server startup with late-bind enabled
    • Fixed < 1.12 clients being disconnected when receiving items with long array nbt tags
    • Fixed < 1.11 client console error spam
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