ViaRewind 1.4.0

Allow 1.8.x and 1.7.x on your 1.8-1.12.2 server

  1. ViaVersion 2.0.0 compatibility + Velocity support

    -Made ViaRewind compatible with ViaVersion 2.0.0
    -Added support for Velocity proxy (thanks to creeper123123321)
    -Fixed some bugs and a small memory leak
  2. ViaVersion 1.5.2 compatibility

    Fixes compatibility with ViaVersion 1.5.2.
    ViaRewind 1.3.13 and newer will not be compatible with ViaVersion 1.5.1 or older!
  3. Fix error on startup

    Fixed an error that occurred if ViaRewind was enabled before ViaVersion
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  4. Performance improvements

    Fixed a performance issue
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  5. Bugfix update

    -Fixed Villager GUI not working for 1.7.x on 1.8.8 servers
    -Fixed an issue, which caused some chunk parts to not be transformed correctly
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  6. Bugfix update

    -Fixed an issue while editing books
    -Fixed a typo (Andsite)
    -Fixed minecart position being offset for 1.7.x clients
  7. Fix Memory Leak

    -Fixed a memory leak in chunk transformation.
  8. Fix Chunk Issues

    -Fixed several issues with empty chunks and unloading chunks on 1.7.x clients
    -Improved two small performance issues in chunk transformation. (Chunks should load faster in mostly empty worlds on 1.9+ servers)
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  9. Fix 1.7.x chunk compression issue, Enable Armor Stand interactions for 1.7.x

    -Fixed a chunk compression issue for 1.7.x clients. This fix should speed up chunk loading for 1.7.x clients.
    -1.7.x clients can now interact with Armor Stands.
    -Fixed team specific sidebars for 1.7.x clients.
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  10. Bugfix update

    -Fixed an issue with object velocity
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