ViaRewind 1.4.5

Allow 1.8.x and 1.7.x on your 1.8-1.12.2 server

  1. Fix relative move desync

    This update fixes an issue that the position of entities could desync over time when no absolute position packets were send. This issue affected 1.7.x and 1.8.x clients on 1.9+ servers.
  2. Bugfix update

    This updated fixes an issue introduced in the previous update that did prevent 1.7.x clients from joining.
  3. Implement proper teleport confirmation

    This fixes an issue with teleport confirmation. This could cause "Player moved wrongly!" warnings in the console and issues with several anti cheats.
    Thanks to @konsolas for testing with us. This lead to me finding this issue.
  4. Fix marker armor stands for 1.7.x

    This updated fixes a wrong offset for hologram armor stands with the marker tag set for 1.7.x clients.
  5. Fix 1.7.x client entity metadata issues

    This update fixes an issue where you couldn't see your absorption hearts or yourself burning.
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  6. ViaVersion 2.0.0 compatibility + Velocity support

    -Made ViaRewind compatible with ViaVersion 2.0.0
    -Added support for Velocity proxy (thanks to creeper123123321)
    -Fixed some bugs and a small memory leak
  7. ViaVersion 1.5.2 compatibility

    Fixes compatibility with ViaVersion 1.5.2.
    ViaRewind 1.3.13 and newer will not be compatible with ViaVersion 1.5.1 or older!
  8. Fix error on startup

    Fixed an error that occurred if ViaRewind was enabled before ViaVersion
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  9. Performance improvements

    Fixed a performance issue
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  10. Bugfix update

    -Fixed Villager GUI not working for 1.7.x on 1.8.8 servers
    -Fixed an issue, which caused some chunk parts to not be transformed correctly
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