ViaVersion 3.0.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 2.0.0 - 1.14 Support, Security & Bug Fixes, Update Via* plugins!

    Got a bug? Want to hang out? Join our discord? Also if you'd like to take your time and thank us for this update,
    You will need to update ViaRewind + ViaBackwards
    Known bugs:
    • 1.14: Fireworks may not trigger correctly due to changes of how the explosion is triggered, Respawning may be slightly slower.
    • If you use BungeeCord see, there is also a bug with /viaversion on Bungee (you can update to latest build to fix this)
    • 1.13: Block connections are now serverside, you can enable serverside support by turning serverside-blockconnections: true in the config (It will use extra CPU and RAM, be warned)
    • 1.14 Support (by Gerrygames, creeper123123321, KennyTV)
    • Option for fixing 1.14 + 1.9 hitboxes for the player (by KennyTV)
    • 1.13 Server side block-connections (by Gerrygames, KennyTV, creeper123123321, ForceUpdate1)
    • Velocity proxy support (by creeper123123321)
    • 1.13 Plugin messages tweaked to prevent exploits (by creeper123123321)
    • Invisible banner fix (by creeper123123321)
    • Various optimizations for checks (by KennyTV)
    • Update OpenNBT to prevent security vulnerability (by creeper123123321)
    • Relocate Bungee Chat API & Update it to fix a few json issues
    • Fix NBT remap for 1.13 for tooltip (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix possible deadlock on boot
    • Fix blank command block in 1.13 (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix villagers missing sounds (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix Main Hand on BungeeCord being incorrect on server switch (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix auto-team bug when it's disabled (by creeper123123321)
    • Rework auto-team to function better on Bungee (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix various memory leaks (by creeper123123321)
    • Introduce options to allow the delay of tab-complete as an alternative to disabling it (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix various particle rewriting (by creeper123123321)
    • Refactor of internal chunk mechanics in ViaVersion (this is the main change why it's now 2.0.0 as it breaks other Via plugins, by Gerrygames and creeper123123321)
    • Fix armour updating on item break
    • Fix BungeeCord pipeline issue
    • BungeeCord Boss Bar fix (by creeper123123321)
    • Use HTTPs for checking for updates
    • Fix furnace shift click and a few mappings (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix biome data not being correct type (by creeper123123321)
    • Introduce various translation rewriting (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix scoreboard in some cases (may still need work, by creeper123123321)
    • Refactoring of a few classes
    As always, please post bugs to our GitHub and see our Discord (above) for support. Huge thanks to everyone who made this update possible!
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