ViaVersion 1.6.0

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 1.1.1 - LibsDisguises workaround, Hologram fixes

    This was released as many users have holograms / libsdisguises.
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    Changelog (In bold are the most recent changes):
    • Fixed BungeeCord not working when using 1.12-pre6 version
    • Fixed Hologram patch not working on 1.12
    • LibsDisguises no longer kicks clients from nether (Matsv)
    • 1.12 client support for Bukkit/Sponge/BungeeCord (Myself & Matsv)
    • Fixed entity metadata spectral arrow being inherited wrongly (Matsv)
    • Fix /viaversion pps after reloads bugging
    • Fix BossBars displaying incorrectly on BungeeCord after server switch (Matsv)
    • Remove unnecessary synchronising causing a deadlock in connection injector
    • Fix 1.10-1.11 causing invisible blocks - incorrect sending of tile entities
    • Fix mob spawners not displaying mob correctly on 1.11 (Matsv)
    • Fix items with 0 amount not displaying (KernelFreeze)
    • Fix hand item displaying incorrectly after join
    • Improve shield disappearing on 1.8 Spigot / Sponge servers (RaynLegends)

    Huge thanks to the people who donate/contribute code to the project, it's appreciated. <3

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