ViaVersion 1.6.0

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 1.4.1 - 1.13 Biome fixes and more

    We're continuing to fix issues and reduce the bugs in 1.13, consider supporting the project and helping us continue.
    Known bugs 1.13 client:
    • Blocks which connect do not connect properly (fences, doors, stairs etc) - Click here to follow progress on GitHub. Due to connections now being serverside we're looking for help in developing an optimal solution.
    Changelog (All fixes are for 1.13):
    • Custom enchants (by @creeper123123321)
    • Fix other enchantments (by @creeper123123321)
    • Various chunk writing optimisations (by @creeper123123321)
    • Disable paper block patch on 1.12 or higher (by @Logics)
    • Fix biomes being ocean (by @creeper123123321)
    • Fix spawn eggs sometimes being buggy (by @creeper123123321)
    • Fix various NullPointerExceptions with items (by @creeper123123321)
    • Fix spawner entities being wrong (by @Matsv)
    • Fix item frame hitboxes (by @Matsv)
    • Fix various flower pots when string is empty (by @Matsv)
    • Fix falling dust particles (by @Matsv)
    • Fix team colours (introduces new option in the config for toggling), based on team prefix (based on code by @JollyajaX)

    Huge thanks to all the awesome people contributing code to us (listed above), the team has spent 100s of hours on this update <3

    (I'm still on holiday, and will most likely have less Wi-Fi than I've had, consider posting bugs on GitHub or use our Discord -
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