ViaVersion 2.1.3

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 1.5.0 - Minecraft 1.13.1 Support

    We're continuing to fix issues and reduce the bugs in 1.13, consider supporting the project and helping us continue. Also report bugs here.
    Known bugs 1.13 client:
    • Blocks which connect do not connect properly (fences, doors, stairs etc) - Click here to follow progress on GitHub. Due to connections now being serverside we're looking for help in developing an optimal solution.
    Changelog (All fixes are for 1.13):
    • 1.13.1 support (by ForceUpdate1, Gerrygames, Pokechu22, Myles)
    • Fix Bungee duplicate login bug
    • Fix 1.13 metadata rewriting (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix invalid biomes (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix Bungee relay messages (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix various memory leaks (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix team suffix not having prefix colour (by creeper123123321)
    • Remap negative block ids to air
    • Remove various debug code
    • Fix noteblocks (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix sound effect writing, advancements, block data (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix advancements (by Matsv)
    • Fix WorldDownloader (by Pokechu22)
    • Fix StopSound plugin channel (by NorthPL)
    • Fix dust particles (by Gerrygames)
    • Fix server icon bugs (by Dinnerwolph)
    • Fix various italic issues in renaming items (by creeper123123321)
    As a side note, huge thanks to Hive for giving us a brand new server for hosting our software,:) it allows us to continue pushing updates and handle the number of people downloading/using our maven.

    Consider posting bugs on GitHub or use our Discord -

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