ViaVersion 2.1.3

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 1.5.2 - Various bug fixes and memory improvements

    We're continuing to fix issues and reduce the bugs in 1.13, consider supporting the project and helping us continue. Also report bugs here.
    Known bugs 1.13 client:
    • Blocks which connect do not connect properly (fences, doors, stairs etc) - Click here to follow progress on GitHub. Due to connections now being serverside we're looking for help in developing an optimal solution.
    • Use the latest ViaRewind dev build for compatibility -
    Changelog (All fixes are for 1.13):
    • ProtocolSupport compatibility - 7Kasper
    • Fix 1.13 Item Particles - creeper123123321
    • Use 'disable-1_13-auto-complete' in the config to disable 1.13 tab complete (If you get kicked for spam issues)
    • Boss bar fixes (credit to JollyajaX)
    • Fix metadata and arrow issues - creeper123123321
    • Fix villager GUI and declare recipes - creeper123123321
    • Various API improvements and memory leak fixes (from creeper123123321)
    Consider posting bugs on GitHub or use our Discord -
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