ViaVersion 3.0.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 2.0.1 - 1.14 Critical bug fixes + Fixed Bungee commands / bugs

    Got a bug? Want to hang out? Join our discord? Also if you'd like to take your time and thank us for this update,
    You will need to update ViaRewind + ViaBackwards for 2.0.0 Via
    Known bugs:
    • 1.14: Fireworks may not trigger correctly due to changes of how the explosion is triggered, Respawning may be slightly slower. Lighting is also a bit weird.
    • 1.13: Block connections are now serverside, you can enable serverside support by turning serverside-blockconnections: true in the config (It will use extra CPU and RAM, be warned)
    • Rain no longer goes through blocks (by Gerrygames)
    • Possibly fix chunk bug (by creeper123123321)
    • Fix sneaking NullPointerException
    • Fix position encoding (thanks to several people for helping us figure this out), This fixes things not working outside 8192 (chests etc)
    • Fix entity tracker bug on BungeeCord (server switching)
    • Fix ViaVersion command on BungeeCord
    As always, please post bugs to our GitHub and see our Discord (above) for support. Huge thanks to everyone who made this update possible!
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