ViaVersion 3.2.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 3.0.1 - 1.16.1 support & bug fixes

    You might have noticed, we're at version 3.0.1. With this update, we've updated to Java 8 and changed quite a few internals. You will need to update ViaBackwards & ViaRewind if you use those.

    Special shout-out to KennyTV which committed the majority of the changes below along with help from Gerrygames, creeper123123321, Astei, kashike, konwboj, Xernium.

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    3.0.1 Changelog:
    • 1.16.1 support (by KennyTV)
    • Fix various tag issue with crashing certain blocks (by KennyTV)
    • Fix MOTD issue in some cases (by KennyTV)
    • Turn ocelots into cats (by KennyTV)

    3.0.0 Changelog:

    • 1.16 support \o/ (Big thanks to KennyTV & Gerrygames)
    • Internal rewrite of several classes, if you use ViaVersion internals you will need to update (by KennyTV, Gerrygames)
    • Netty exception handling has been modified to reduce spam in some situations and use correct expetions for decode / encode (by KennyTV / creeper123123321)
    • Injection has been reworked to be more robust and take advantage of a few optimisations (by creeper123123321, KennyTV & Astei)
    • ViaVersion now uses fastutil for several collections (by KennyTV)
    • ViaVersion uses primitives when possible (by KennyTV)
    • Improved messaging when you're not using ViaVersion correctly (by Xernium)
    • Fix issues with TNT explosions and block connections (by konwboj)
    • Fixed issue with block connections and fire (by KennyTV)
    • Fix an issue with gliding & swimming (by KennyTV)
    • Errors have been improved to contain packet names for better debugging (by KennyTV)
    • Fixed bug which occurs on Bungee in regards to boss bars.
    • Removed lombok internally - which should make contributing to ViaVersion easier (by KennyTV)
    • Loading is now handled async with mappings (by KennyTV)
    • Block connections are now enabled by default on a fresh config
    • ViaVersion information dumps now contain the git commit to allow us to identify sub-builds (by KennyTV)
    • Some API methods are deprecated (in relation to isPorted etc), as "porting" does not exist (by KennyTV)
    • Added link to Krusic22's blocked version generator in the config
    • Reduced map lookups for block connections (by KennyTV)
    • Prevent listeners being registered for server versions which don't need them (by KennyTV)
    • Added option to not remap infested blocks to the normal variants (by KennyTV)
    • Plugin channel mappings for 1.13 can be modified by using a json file (by KennyTV)
    • ViaVersion config no longer uses map lookups allowing for faster access (by KennyTV)
    • Optimised type reading / writing (by Astei)
    • Use primitive array types (by creeper123123321)
    • Add fabric metadata to allow the plugin to be updated (by creeper123123321)
    • Remove several areas of class duplication (by kashike)
    As always, please post bugs to our GitHub and see our Discord (above) for support. Huge thanks to everyone who made this update possible!
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