ViaVersion 4.0.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players after a Minecraft update?

  1. 3.1.0 - 1.16.2 support & bug fixes

    Please update ViaRewind and ViaBackwards for this update. Thanks to KennyTV for providing this update.

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    • 1.16.2 support by KennyTV
    • Improved RGB Supportby KennyTV
    • Improved ProtocolSupport compatibility by KennyTV
    • Reduced the amount of error spam by KennyTV
    • Refactored bossbar API by creeper123123321
    • New JSON read/write to reduce overhead by KennyTV
    • Improve translation of scoreboard components / item rewriting by KennyTV
    • Fix proxy NPE (ViaIdleThread) by KennyTV
    • New long plugin channel name config option
    • Fix 1.11 -> 1.10.2 potion remapping by Koppe
    • Fix 1.8->1.9 ender dragon sound by KennyTV
    • Update javaassist & gson by creeper123123321
    • Fix global palette bug introduced in 1.16 by Gerrygames
    As always, please post bugs to our GitHub and see our Discord (above) for support. Huge thanks to everyone who made this update possible!
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