ViaVersion 3.2.0

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. 3.2.0 - 1.16.4 client support, Velocity 1.1.0+ and bug fixes!

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    • 1.16.4 support / ProtocolVersion handling refactor (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Fixes to the /viaversion dontbugme command (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Fixes to areaeffectcloud (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Fixes to fall dust particles (thanks to connorhartley)
    • Fixes to multi-block change on 1.16.2 (thanks to @DaMatrix)
    • Velocity 1.1.0+ support (thanks to creeper123123321, Xernium)
    • Fixes to 1.11+ sounds (thanks to lennardk)
    • Fixes to 1.9+ sound pitch (thanks to RaphiMC)
    • Fix to entity attribute length bug (thanks to DaMatrix)
    • 1.11+ achievement translation (thanks to RaphiMC)
    As always, please post bugs to our GitHub and see our Discord (above) for support. Huge thanks to everyone who made this update possible!
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