ViaVersion 3.2.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players after a Minecraft update?

  1. 3.2.1 - Various fixes (including ProtocolLib)

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    • Fix italic item names (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Fix issues with legacy nbt arrays (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Prevent 1.12 clients picking invalid blocks in creative (thanks to tomcraft)
    • Executor log message is now friendlier (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Fix 1.9-1.11 sound mappings (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Fix hologram NullPointerException (thanks to @KennyTV)
    • Better error logging for chat parsing (thanks to @KennyTV
    • Fix an issue where ProtocolLib would not handle some Via packets (thanks to @Gerrygames, @KennyTV, @konsolas)
    • Fix an issue with statistic parsing for 1.13+ clients (thanks to mathiascode)
    As always, please post bugs to our GitHub and see our Discord (above) for support. Huge thanks to everyone who made this update possible!
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