ViaVersion 3.0.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. Console Errors, Memory Leaks, Boss Bar Fixes

    This update can fix a few issues some serves have been having:
    • Revert back to GSON for json things, it includes gson so that servers like 1.8 can have it.
    • Minecraft packet errors will be handled as normal, preventing some exploits and errors being shown wrong.
    • Correct an issue with bossbars causing concurrency issues.
    • Add a new protocol version method to the API (Thanks Matsv!)

    Updates may seem to be coming slow, but behind the scenes I've been working on recoding...
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  2. Fixes, Fixes everywhere!

    Change log:
    • Fix command block bugs.
    • Fix armour respawn bugs.
    • Fix ServerListPlus Compatibility
    • Allow new effect indicators on 1.9
    • Fix second hand in creative (now throws items, be careful!)
    • Discontinue metadata 11, may fix issues with anti-cheat aura prevention software. (May fix AAC.)
    These changes were brought to you by Matsv, thanks to him :)

    The issue behind some anti-cheat software not working is because they seem to send metadata 11 for anti forcefield,...
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  3. 1.9.1 Pre-release, Chunk fixes, Compatibility & Optimisations

    Change log:
    • Chunk system has been rewritten, thanks lenis0012! (Should fix unloading, void worlds, timings issues)
    • Fix possible Team already exists issue. (Thanks Matsv)
    • Optimise packet searching (Thanks HugoDaBosss)
    • Fix issues with CraftBukkit compatibility
    • Update to 1.9.1 PRE 2/3 (yeah boysss!!)
    • Fix issue with NBT data not having a limit.

    Glad you guys could all join me on this exciting update, as Mojang prepares the new pre release we're updating with...
  4. Boss Bars, Chunk Handling and Config fixes

    Change log:
    • Boss Bars are now simulated to match 1.8 clients, plugins like BarAPI should now work flawlessly. There are optional config settings if you have issues.
    • Chunk Handling is now done in a different handler to prevent some bugs.
    • Config should now add new values.
    Thanks to lenis0012 for work in this patch!

    As always please use our github to report bugs.
  5. Fix Eating, Potions, Arrows, Nether Portals, Holograms

    Change log:
    • Eating works properly
    • Potions dissipate properly
    • Arrows work properly
    • Nether portals work properly
    • You can now enable "hologram-patch" in your config if you're having issues with holograms being in the wrong place, this by default is disabled. (You can also change how much to move it by)
    We also added an option to disable the patch which fixes most of the above bugs, as it may cause small bit of latency and issues with other plugins. It's called...
  6. Fix crash bug

    Fix weird crash bug which was random.
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  7. Fix launching issues & add config option for blocking

    Change log:
    • Fixed issue with booting imploding due to some concurrency issues.
    • Added new "shield-blocking: true" config option so you can enable and disable shield-blocking in the config

    Otherwise not much else as I just got up ;)
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  8. Fixes, fixes everywhere!

    Change log:
    • Fix /viaversion help
    • Fix bug with 0,0 chunk being unloaded.
    • Fix bow animation (Also fixes potions I believe)
    • Fix issue with bows showing shields
    • Handle packet exceptions so it doesn't explode if it's our code doing something wrong.
    • Reduce spam if the server crashes
    • Basic late-bind support for servers not using ProtocolLib (we'll hopefully go back to this and add support if you do use ProtocolLib)

    Thanks to Matsv and HugoDaBosss for some of...
  9. Blocking with Shields, Jukeboxes and more!

    Change log:
    • When right clicking it will now use a shield, (may be a tiny bit buggy but it works!)
    • Fixed jukeboxes (Thanks Matsv)
    • Show command info when no valid command (Thanks rj0495)
    • You can now suppress our metadata errors in the console by changing the config option "suppress-metadata-errors: false" to true, wonderful if you live on the edge and don't want to see errors and just live with them...

    As always report bugs on github. If you depend on this plugin...
  10. Leaks, Powered Minecarts, Bungee Teams

    Change log:
    • Added /viaversion autoteam to toggle auto teaming of players.
    • Fixed auto-team so it should work with bungee, if you're having issues just /viaversion autoteam to turn off.
    • Fix horses inventory / elytra flying exception (Thanks StamBoom)
    • Fix memory issue to do with NBT reading.
    • Clean up ByteBuf's after they're cancelled.
    • Don't store unused data
    • Fix memory leak in chunk reading

    As always use our git to report issues, it's where they live.