ViaVersion 3.0.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. Fix Custom GUI JSON error

    This update simply fixes the issue with opening GUIs from plugins such as EchoPet.

    Thanks to StamBoom for this patch.
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  2. Entity & Sound Fixes, Including some entity riding

    This update includes the following:
    • Fix for MalformedJsonException on Kick / Disconnect (StatBoom)
    • ItemFrame crash to do with packets (HugoDaBosss)
    • Riding entities (movement may not work but you don't glitch) (StatBoom)
    • Missing Sounds (HugoDaBosss)

    We're working constantly to solve issues we suggest opening an issue on our github so we can get bugs sorted ASAP.
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  3. Sound & ArmorStand Fix

    This update fixes the following:
    • Adds sounds back to the game, woo!
    • Fixes bug with armourstands crashing

    Still known bugs:
    • Some entities may still crash, please provide full bug reports.
    • Some items may crash the client we're working on this.
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  4. Sign Fixes & Armour Display Fixes

    This update fixes the following bugs:
    • Armour worn on feet displayed incorrectly. (Thanks PabloDons!)
    • Signs sometimes did not work due to JSON encoding issues.

    We are aware of the following bugs:
    Some entities cause crashing, we have improved the debug output so you can provide more information to us.

    Otherwise I'm off to bed, Remember when reporting bugs attempt to remove plugins and try again. (ProtocolLib doesn't work) And giving steps and screenshots help!
  5. Fix for Maps & Teams

    This fixes an issue made for maps & teams, also gives you a note if your using protocol lib, currently protocol lib is not compatible.
  6. Fix signs & movement

    This update we've fixed the following:
    (Special thanks to Matsv for the patch!)
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