Village Defense [1.11-1.13.2] 4.1.2

[MINIGAME] Big networks ready | MySQL | Placeholders | BungeeCord | Multi Arena

  1. 4.1.2 - April Fool's Day update

  2. 4.1.1 - Zombie spawn issue fix from 4.1.0

    [[​IMG] Added] Russian locale (Thanks to POEditor contributors!)
    [[​IMG] Fixed] Zombies couldn't spawn on any arena
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  3. 4.1.0 - Start fix

    Fixed plugin couldn't run because plugin.yml values were invalid due to build failure, sorry.
  4. 4.1.0 - Standard update

    [[​IMG] Changed] Removed useless exceptions catching in try/catch code blocks in favour of logger listening (increases readability and peformance)
    [[​IMG] Fixed] Signs weren't updating properly if Signs-Block-States-Enabled option was false...​
  5. 4.0.4 - Valentine's Day update

    [[​IMG] Added] Special Valentine's Day effects :love::
    • Heart arrow trails
    • Special Valentine power-up (if power-ups are enabled) that heal player who pickups it!
    Valentine's Day event in Village Defense will occur for 4 days before and 4 days after the Valentine's Day so starting from today :love:
    You can disable Halloween and Valentine's Day events...​
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  6. 4.0.3 - New non flickering scoreboard

    [[​IMG] Added] Portuguese Brazil locales are here! Thanks to POEditor community!
    [[​IMG] Changed] Prettified entity upgrades particle effects a bit
    [[​IMG] Changed] Added new non flickering scoreboard...​
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  7. 4.0.2 - Some fixes

    [[​IMG] Fixed] #415 error caused by /vda setprice without price argument
    [[​IMG] Fixed] Removed 'return' code line from onDisable method while saving user data into MySQL (only MySQL), only 1 stat for 1 player could be saved...​
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  8. 4.0.1 - Fresh fixes

    [[​IMG] Added] Pro tip about user voice panel where you can suggest new ideas or vote for current ones!
    Check out yourself
    [[​IMG] Added]
    Tip about special items that can be added into game shop when setting up shop via setup menu...
  9. 4.0.0 - New era is here

    It's a big one!
    4.0.0 pre-release users must reset language.yml!

    [[​IMG] Added] Limited rotten flesh hearts level that users can get to 30 (prevents tons of hearts that will break game fun)
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  10. [BETA] 4.0.0b pre 5 - Some fixes

    This is the beta version! Download stable 3.11.6 here
    This version is not fully ready!

    Enhanced golem/wolves upgrades and other changes soon!

    Check out MurderMystery minigame here! Release at SpigotMC...
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