Village Defense [1.8.4-1.12] 3.7.4

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  1. 3.7.4 - Public localization project, whitelisted commands, fixes

    [[​IMG] Added] Full localization support can now be handled by YOU (community), you can join our translation page and help us with translating Village Defense into other languages FOR FREE and without needing to maintain it or joining our translation team!
    See this page for more info:​
  2. 3.7.3 - Startup fix

    [[​IMG] Fixed] Fixed startup errors with unknown 1.8 classes (bossbar issue)
    [[​IMG] Deleted] Removed "arena edit" basic permission as it was useless and was used only in setup inventory ("villagedefense.admin.create" was working for this inventory too so it was useless)
    [COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...[/B]
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  3. 3.7.2 - Kit selector command, sign states, 1.8 bossbar and fixes

    [[​IMG] Added] Added sign block states of the game (colored blocks behind game signs based on arena state)
    [[​IMG] Added] /vd selectkit command was added. You can change your kits in game now
    Permission: villagedefense.command.selectkit
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  4. 3.7.1 - Bug fixes

    [[​IMG] Fixed] Full games join permission now works for Bungee hooked servers
    [[​IMG] Fixed] Now you can't combust villagers, iron golems and wolves using flaming arrows
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  5. 3.7.0 - Customizable scoreboard, more signs customization, fixes

    unknown (1).png unknown (2).png unknown (3).png
    New customizable scoreboards update is here!
    • Added customizable scoreboards in language.yml, also scoreboard is now more modern with this update! (1st scoreboard photo)
    • Now, game signs can be edited in your own way! All signs placeholders (%state%, %maxplayers% etc) can...
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  6. 3.6.3 - Commands and rewards.yml improvements, migrator recode, bug fixes

    • Added did you mean to help with wrong commands (ex. /vd leaveve > Did you mean /vd leave?)
    • Added tab completer for Village Defense commands
    • Re-commented rewards.yml file and added chance condition
      chance(15):p:say Hello # 15% chance to say Hello by player

      Everything is well commented inside rewards.yml please re-create it to show these comments :)
  7. 3.6.2 - Top command added, PlaceholderAPI support, fixes

    • Added PlaceholderAPI support
      %villagedefense_kills% - Shows your zombie kills
      %villagedefense_deaths% - Shows your deaths
      %villagedefense_games_played% - Shows your played games count
      %villagedefense_highest_wave% - Shows the highest wave you survived
      %villagedefense_level% - Shows your current level
      %villagedefense_exp% - Shows your exp amount...​
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  8. 3.6.1 - Hotfix

    • Fixed /vda command not working at 1.8 versions
    Need support or wanna talk about the plugin? Join discord:
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  9. 3.6.0 - New zombie, commands prettified, rideable wolves and much more!

    Another big update is here!
    New zombie type Villager Slayer is here!

    • Added new zombie type Villager Slayer, 2x slower, 2x more health and targets only villagers even if we attack him. Spawns in waves higher than 21
    • Wolves are rideable now
    • Golems and wolves won't get drowned anymore, they can swim now!
    • Fixed /vd admin list command not...
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  10. 3.5.0 - Fixed TPS loss, other significant fixes

    This is another update which fixes TPS loss but finally, it works.
    Please update plugin again! This involves all users of versions higher than 3.2.0!
    • Fixed #3 bungee cord issue
    • Fixed particles in 1.8 versions
    • Fixed files generation without comments
    • Fixed TPS loss...