Village Defense [1.8.8-1.17] 4.6.1

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  1. [4.6.0] It's update time :)


    ### 4.6.0 (15.04.2021 - 03.08.2021)
    * Added forcestart item
    * Added 1.17 support
    * Added option to determine if player's orbs should be kept or not
    * Added possibility to spawn creatures with commands on vd arena
    * Nerfed Cleaner Kit so that it can be configurable
    * Reuse XMaterial for specialitems
    * Fix when doors is not found in legacy versions like 1.8.3, so it caused to throw exception
    >>> b1
    * Added /vd join maxplayers which tries to get the arena with the highest amount of players
    * Added placeholder arena_players_online
    * Added configurable villager amount
    * Added configurable cooldown for some kit items
    * Added Thai and Turkish locale (Thanks to PoEditor Contributors)
    * Added configurable name visibility for Golem, Wolf and Villager
    * Fixed Upgrade Health option does not set health to new max health
    * Fixed Tornado kit on paper software
    * Fixed some rare cases which did not disable LeaderboardHolograms
    * Fixed restoring door blocks on legacy versions
    * Fixed party (parties v3.1.0) not working anymore
    * Fixed when plugins scoreboards not re-appeared after game end
    * Fixed join maxplayers did not match the arena with highest player amount
    * Removed temp added scoreboard rewards
    * Changed empty message is no longer sent
    * Changed Now players who's in a game can't swap items to off hand
    * Changed Players now can't drag special items in theirs inventory
    * Changed Leaves will no longer be decayed if this is within an arena.
    * Changed randomjoin mechanics -> Searches for starting -> random join -> Searches for waiting -> random join
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