Village Defense [1.9-1.13] 3.10.1

[MINIGAME] Big networks ready | MySQL | Placeholders | BungeeCord | Multi Arena

  1. 3.10.1 - Very stable update

    This is the first update after Error service was implemented.
    This version contains mostly fixes, but reported anonymously by you through error service!

    [[​IMG] Added] Added configurable time between next waves (suggested by @Jumonka and his awesome idea to implementing custom MythicMob bosses...​
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  2. 3.10.0 - Code improvements and error reporter implemented

    [[​IMG] Added] Error reporter service - now when you occur error with Village Defense it will be reported directly to us so we can fix it asap!
    Error service currently has around 90% code coverage (excluding database, bungeecord and disable methods) so most of game breaking errors will be reported :)
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  3. 3.9.2 - Inventory manager fix

    [[​IMG] Changed] Updated French and Hungarian locales
    [[​IMG] Fixed] Error with InventoryManager while loading scoreboard - this was only a temporary workaround for a one bug however this didn't fix it so scoreboard save option is removed (thanks to @mmuziek)​
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  4. 3.9.1 - Fixes, Chinese (Simplified) locale added

    [[​IMG] Added] Chinese (Simplified) locale support (thanks to POEditor contributors!)
    [[​IMG] Added] Scoreboard saving into Inventory Manager for possible issues like this one
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  5. 3.9.0 - 1.13 and 1.10 support, 1.8 drop, new game end message, improvements, fixes

    This update adds support for 1.13 and 1.10 spigot server.
    The plugin was tested on these versions, however, it may not be fully stable on these versions, proceed with caution.

    This version is stable for 1.9-1.12 (except 1.10)

    (new game end message)...​
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  6. 3.8.1 - Fixes

    [[​IMG] Fixed] /vd top command and other not working /vd commands will now work in game
    [[​IMG] Fixed] Fixed locales loading not working, plugin wasn't even enabled somehow
    [[​IMG] Deleted] Dropped Vietnamese locale as this translation was in 50%...​
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  7. 3.8.0 - Rich API changes, limited mobs amount, paper spigot startup fix

    [[​IMG] Added] Orbs statistic type to StatsStorage class
    (keep in mind that orbs stat is a temporary statistic for each game!)
    [[​IMG] Added] New API events:
    VillageGameStateChangeEvent, VillageGolemUpgradeEvent, VillagePowerupPickEvent and VillagePlayerStatisticChangeEvent...​
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  8. 3.7.5 - Multilingual update!

    [[​IMG] Added] Spanish, French and Indonesian locales support! (thanks a lot to our POEditor contributors!!!)
    To enable your locale go to config.yml and edit "locale" line:
    Code (YAML):

    # Select locale of VD 3, default it's English.
    # Available locales:
    #    default -...
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  9. 3.7.4 - Public localization project, whitelisted commands, fixes

    [[​IMG] Added] Full localization support can now be handled by YOU (community), you can join our translation page and help us with translating Village Defense into other languages FOR FREE and without needing to maintain it or joining our translation team!
    See this page for more info:​
  10. 3.7.3 - Startup fix

    [[​IMG] Fixed] Fixed startup errors with unknown 1.8 classes (bossbar issue)
    [[​IMG] Deleted] Removed "arena edit" basic permission as it was useless and was used only in setup inventory ("villagedefense.admin.create" was working for this inventory too so it was useless)
    [COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...[/B]
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