Villager Lobotomizatornator 1.4.3_1.16R2_189

Lobotomize those pesky long-nosed merchants!

  1. shouldn't blow up on java 12 anymore

    probably fixes the reflective bullshit issue on java 12.

    I don't have a java 12 testing environment so i don't really know if it works.
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  2. ok for real this time guys

    Probably fixes the pig issue... again, if you continue to have trouble, disable the timings integration in config.yml
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  3. villagers are not pigs

    Villagers should no longer appear to be pigs
    God knows what else broke this time

    If you continue having issues, disable the timings integration in config.yml
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  4. Native 1.16.3 build + some improvements

    Check interval is now configurable for active and inactive villagers separately

    Lobotomized villagers are now cleaned up on chunk/plugin unload, so even if you unload the plugin or stop using it, villagers will go back to functioning normally

    Now with 250 new lines of hacky reflection boilerplate shit thanks to aikar's timings changes in paper build 189
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  5. Native 1.16.2 build

    give me 5 stars
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  6. Native 1.15R1 build + some improvements

    This version is built against 1_15R1, or more specifically

    Now has reflection based fallback for diddling with timings that should work for every version since 1.14.

    Improved the hole detection a bit.
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  7. oops

    loads now maybe
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