Villager Optimiser [1.14.2-1.16.5] 1.1.5

Reduces performance impact of villagers in 1.14.2.

  1. Villager Optimiser 1.1.5

    This update adds 1.16.4 compatibility. Thanks to CirnoTH

    Again, this plugin has limited use past 1.14. I'd recommend seeing how your server fairs without the plugin
  2. Villager Optimiser 1.1.4

    This update adds 1.16.2 compatibility. Thanks to Futurixel

    Again, this plugin has limited use past 1.14. Unless you have a LOT of villagers, you shouldn't be needing to use it.
  3. Villager Optimiser 1.1.3

    This version adds compatibility with 1.16.1.

    In 1.16, Mojang made improvements to the way villager search for job sites. Because of this, the plugin will no longer throttle villagers searching for job sites. It will still throttle searching for beds and meeting points.

    You will still notice some improvements in performance by using the plugin but, unless you have hundreds of villagers, it's not all that necessary any more.
  4. Villager Optimiser 1.1.2

    Changes in 1.1.2:
    • Made Minecraft 1.15 a supported version.
  5. Villager Optimiser 1.1.1

    Changes in 1.1.1:
    • Fixed some sources of memory leaks - Thanks to Rincewind34!
    • The correct disable message will now be used when using an incompatible version of 1.14-1.14.2.
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  6. Villager Optimiser 1.1.0

    Changes in 1.1.0:
    • Changed name to Villager Optimiser
    • Removed dependence of SAML.
    • Changed mechanics (see resource page description).
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