Villager Workstation Highlights 1.14.1_1.0.3

Allows you to find the workstation of the villager you are looking at.

  1. Villager Workstation Highlights v1.14.1_1.0.2

    Added a message that tells the player what type of workstation the villager has as well as the XYZ coordinates of the workstation.

    Added configs for Particles,
    • display
    • name (Does not work with particles requiring extra data, IE- Redstone.)
    • duration (Length of time particle is displayed if display is true.)

    Added configs for Shift Right Click,
    • require_item (Set to false to not require an item in your hand.)
    • require_workstation (If require item is true, and this is true you must have any workstation block in your hand.)
    • required_material (If require item is true and require workstation is false, this must be a valid material in your hand.)
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