VillagerTrading 1.0

Custom villagers with custom trades!

  1. CosmosNode
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    About VillagerTrading
    VillagerTrading is a plugin which allows you to set up custom Villager 'shops' which you can configure to trade with.

    This plugin allows you to configure up to 12 trades, which support custom names, enchantments, other data (eg. wool color or wood type) and quantity.

    Villagers can be given custom names on creation.

    • /vt edit - Allows you to edit custom Villagers by opening a GUI.
    • /vt create - Allows you to create custom Villagers in the position you are at.
    • /vt delete - Allows you to delete custom Villagers.

    You will be able to execute the above commands if you are OP or if you have one of the following permissions:
    • '*'
    • 'villagertrading.*'
    You don't need any permissions to be able to trade with villagers.

    • Do not sell this plugin
    • Do not redistribute this plugin
    • You can edit and use the source for your own personal use (GitHub link below)


    If you find any issues with the plugin please report them via pm on Spigot or in the plugin discussion.

    Support Discord:
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