VillagerTutorial 1.0

Want a professional looking tutorial on your server? Click me !

  1. TGlev
    Support is NO longer provided for this plugin!



    “Welcome new player! Would you like to do the tutorial? If so, right click the Tutorial NPC!”

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could tell this to your players? Now you can! This plugin adds a villager, which teleports you to different configurable spots and tells you something about the current location. You are then able to look around a bit, then you right click the villager again and you go to the next location!


    -Create your own tutorial very easy

    -The villager follows you

    -Everything is configurable

    -Easy to setup

    -All known bugs will be fixed and a new version will be uploaded


    -The NPC to start the tutorial, tends to move

    If you find one, please tell me.


    1. Buy and download the jar
    2. Place it in your /plugins dir
    3. Reload or restart your server
    4. Type /vt
    5. You will see all the commands
    6. Type /vt npc
    7. This creates an Tutorial NPC. (You can use other plugins for this, but the name has to be Tutorial)
    8. Go to the first location of the tutorial
    9. Type /vt add or /vt a
    10. You will get a message that it was succesfull
    11. Go to the config to configure the messages
    12. Add all your locations this way
    13. Reload your server
    14. When your done, go back to the original NPC you spawned.
    15. Right click him to test your tutorial
    Note: When you use another NPC plugin, please make it a villager with the name "Tutorial", without the double quotes, when you don't do this, the plugin will not work.

    ToDo list:
    • Multiple tutorials
    • Make the guide npc less annoying
    Tutorial video: