VipCodes v1.6.4

vip codes plugin

  1. GravityCube

    VipCodes is very useful for managers of large servers, the plugin generated a randomly code assigned to the corresponding set of commands are executed and when time expires, the player designated group will remove it with another set of commands. Excuse my English please.

    Commands and permissions
    /vip reload vipcodes.admin Reload plugin
    /vip add <tiempoendías> vipcodes.admin Add <x> days to all VIP playes
    /vip generate <grupo> <tiempoendías> vipcodes.admin Save a code to the config
    /vip code <codigo> vipcodes.user Use a code to execute the pertinent commands
    /vip info vipcodes.user Info about the expire of VIP
    /vip list vipcodes.admin List of VIP players
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Recent Reviews

  1. LatePacket
    Version: v1.6.4
    Yes Please keep this updated also maybe also add an option to set language to English? but over all 5/5!
  2. logan2971
    Version: v1.6.4
    Can you give them perms with the code such as perms to give particals?
    1. GravityCube
      Author's Response
      use commands... like /manuaddp <player> permission.example
  3. tjbruce17594
    Version: v1.6.1
    Looks good, so when players type in a code, it executes commands like giving in-game money?
    1. GravityCube
      Author's Response
      yes, you can run any commands such as give money, items or other