VipFun 1.6.2

Small cosmetic things for VIPs on your server!

  1. gmemstr
    Small cosmetic things for the important people of your server!
    What is VipFun?
    VipFun is a small plugin designed to bring small cosmetic features to your server hub. When players with the permission log in, they receive the items to perform the actions.

    • Magic VIP Wand that shoots a bunch of sparkly particles.
    • Superspeed boost that gives Speed III for 30 seconds.
    • VIP Lounge for relaxing between games.
    Code (Text):
    is the only permission node for VIPs. This grants them access to the items when they log in.

    Code (Text):
    allows the person to do /vipsetlounge, which will set the VIP lounge location.

    Code (Text):

      x: 0 #X cord of lounge
      y: 100 #Y cord of lounge
      z: 0 #Z cord of lounge
      world: world #World lounge is in
    itemslot: #Item slots items should go in
      wand: 0
      run: 1
      lounge: 2 #0-9

    Does this break the EULA?
    It depends how it is used. VIP does not necessarily mean a purchased rank, and could be used to describe other, unpaid ranks such as YouTuber. Also, it is purely cosmetic, and is intended for use in hubs. If the Minecraft server EULA is broken with this plugin, I take no responsibility.

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Recent Reviews

  1. AsVaidas
    Version: 1.6.2
    good plugin, I will put it in my server
    You could add more fun things, that doesnt effect survival gameplay, but just makes it more funnier, better
  2. PlusMCPKBPK
    Version: 1.6.2
    Cool Plugin
    1. gmemstr
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Do you currently have this plugin on your server? If so, where can I find it? :)