VipManagement 1.0

Web based Vip Management for your server

  1. Trsak
    This is first versions, many features aren't done yet!

    • Show Vip information!
    • Generate Vip codes for specific groups and times!
    • Use Vip codes!
    • You can choose what commands will be executed on VIP active and deactive!
    • Command to show all codes!
    • Command to check reamining VIP times!
    • Checking VIP expire:
      • on player join
      • when player execute vip command
      • every X minutes (config)
    • MySQL data Storage!
    • All messages are customisable!
    Planned features:
    • Possibility to give VIP instantly (/vip give)
    • Possibility to remove codes (/vip removecode)
    • Possibility to extend VIP with using another code
    • Possibility to change VIP time (/vip changetime)
    • Add pages to /vip codes
    • Add web based system
    • You can suggest any!
    • Mysql database
    1. Download the plugin and copy it in your plugins folder.
    2. Restart your server.
    3. Change plugin config.
    4. Restart your server.
    • /vip
      • Information about VIP, you can change the text in the config file
    • /vip reload
      • Reload config file
    • /vip gencode <group> <time>
      • Generate new code
      • <group> = VIP permission group
      • <time> = VIP duration
        • 0 = Permanent
        • 1y = 1year, 1m = 1month, 1d = 1day, ...
        • <time> example: "1m 15d" (one month and 15 days)
    • /vip codes
      • List all codes
    • /vip code <code>
      • Use a code
    • /vip time
      • Check remaining VIP time
    • vip.*
      • Allows to use all commands.
    • vip.admin
      • Allows to use all commands.
    • vip.reload
      • Allows to use /vip reloascommand.
    • vip.gencode
      • Allows to use /vip gencode command.
      • Allows to use /vip codes command.
    • vip.user
      • Allows to use all user commands (listed below)
      • Allows to use /vip command
    • vip.code
      • Allows to use /vip code command
    • vip.time
      • Allows to use /vip time command
    Code (Text):
    #MySQL connection

    user: "root"
    pass: ""
    db: "jdbc:mysql://Server:3306/DataBaseName"
    prefix: "vip_"

    #How often check if VIP of online players has expired (in minutes)
    updateTime: 5
    #Send message to player when player activate VIP?
    ActiveMessageSend: true
    #Broadcast message to all players when player activate VIP?
    PublicActiveMessageSend: true
    #Send message to player when player's VIP expire?
    ExpireMessageSend: true
    #Broadcast message to all players when player's VIP expire?
    PublicExpireMessageSend: true

    #VIP information (/vip)
    VIPInfo: "&6VIP features:\n
    &e- Test\n
    &e- Another\n
    &e- Another\n
    &e- Another\n
    &6More information:"

    #List of commands to be executed when VIP is activated or deactivated.
    #You have to set/add permissions group!
    #You can use any command you want! That gives you alot of possibilities.
    #- %player% - Name of player that activated VIP
    #- %group% - Selected group
    - "pex user %player% group set %group%"

    - "pex user %player% group set default"

    #Localization messages
    ActiveMessage: "&2You activated your VIP (%group%)!"
    ExpireMessage: "&4Your VIP (%group%) expired!"
    PublicActiveMessage: "&2%player% has just activated (%group%)!"
    PublicExpireMessage: "&4%player%'s VIP (%group%) has just expired!"
    NoPermission: "&4You don't have permission for that!"
    Reload: "&2Config was successfully reloaded!"
    BadCmdUsage: "&2Bad command usage! Usage: %cmd_usage%"
    CodeGenerated: "&2Code was generated:&a %code%!"
    CodesList: "&2List of codes:"
    CodeInfo: "Code: %code%, Group: %group%, Duration: %duration%"
    CodeNotExist: "&2Code %code% doesn't exist!"
    NotVIP: "&4You are not VIP!"
    VIPTime: "&6VIP Time remaining: %time%"
    VIPTimePermanent: "&6Your VIP is permanent!"
    Days: "days"
    Hours: "hours"
    Minutes: "minutes"
    Seconds: "seconds"
    Permanent: "permanent"

    • v 1.0 (13.08.2015) - Plugin released
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