VipSystem 3.3

A Vip management plugin based on caching MySQL or SQLite

  1. 1.13 Update

    1.13 Update
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  2. A lot of update!

    Hard to describe in English.
    Chinese version:
    2018.1.21 V2.7 增加数据库断线重连,优化大量代码,优化数据库效率
    2018.3.14 V2.8 增加部分命令的逻辑判断,修复永久VIP仍能续费的BUG,增加分批导出激活码的功能,增加自定义剩余天数变量,优化部分代码,优化部分异步线程,防止主线程卡死
    2018.5.12 V3.0 重构缓存系统,删除/vipsys save命令,优化多服务器的兼容性,拓展更多接口供开发者使用,编写官方拓展VipStorage以暂存Vip,优化代码规范,修复上个版本无法使用key的bug,增加更多bstats统计内容(如果不想被收集信息可以在bstats文件夹中关闭),优化插件结构
    2018.6.14 V3.1 修复上个版本中UUID模式无法正常存储的BUG,删去部分无用代码
    2018.7.3 V3.2 修复自2.8以来无法支持类Spigot衍生端的bug,为api增加更多方法
  3. Small Fix

    Small Fix
  4. new Features

    Add export command with time.
    Optimize code
    Bug fix
    Add custom placeholder value
    Add command judge about args
  5. Optimize

  6. New Feature

    new PHP interface update check system.
    new globalMode definition

    After you update the version.
    Please regenerate the config.yml and messages folder if possible
  7. 2.5 Update

    1. Fix the bug that occurs NPE sometime
    2. Change the position to save the version
    3. Add debug mode
    4. Add global mode
  8. Optimization & API Update

    1. Optimize cache saving
    2. Async cache saving
    3. Add a simple API for developers
    To get the instance of API
    You should make sure you add the plugin to the dependency and use the code below
    VipAPI api = VipAPI.getInstance();

    All the methods in the api have javadoc so that you can use them easily.
  9. Bug fix

    Fix the bug when giving a permantly vip
    Fix the bug that vips will not disappear in some of the situations
    And some small change
  10. Bug fix & New features

    1. Fix the bug that can't use activaction codes.
    2. Change the return value when executing a command so that the developers can use Bukkit.dispathCommand() to judge if vip is given successfully
    3. Add command "/vipsys reload" to reload parts of configurations (to change the database, please completely reload the server)