VipVote 1.1

A small player voting system

  1. Droid_Dude
    A plugin for simple player voting!
    Still in development!


    I wanted a plugin where a player can get promoted by voting, but those I've found didn't function like i would have liked it. So i decided to write my own.


    /vipvote <player> - The player <player> gets one vote count. You can't vote yourself, you can't vote for offline players and the player must not have the permission.


    • One time voting for a player (will be changed later)
    • Change the number of votings
    • You decide what to do with the voted player (use own commands)
    • Decide who can get voted (permissions)

    Planned Features:

    • Reset votes after configable time
    • Vote for offline players
    • List all votes
    • Multiple configable commands
    • And more...

    Permissions: - The group/player with this permission is not able to get voted


    Code (Text):
    #                                               #
    #                  Config part                  #
    #                                               #


    # Promotion command:
    # You can insert any valid command you like
    # This is just a example how it could look like
    # Please change it if necessary!!!
    # Placeholder: [NAME] = voted Player
    # Use the command without the "/"

      promotion: give [NAME] minecraft:diamond

    # Voters Number:
    # This is the count, how many people have to vote for a player
    # to trigger the command above

      numberofvoters: '5'

    # Custom broadcast message:
    # This message will show up  if the vote count is reached
    # Color codes are possible
    # Placeholders: [NAME] = voted Player, [NUMBER] = vote count

      message: '&c[NAME] &6has brought [NUMBER] players on the server and got a DIAMOND!'

    #                                               #
    #                    Data part                  #
    #                                               #

    # Do not edit this part, as long as you don't know what you're doing
    # This will be generated autoamaticly


    # Voters:
    # the list of player who have voted

        Droid_Dude: true
        Dame: true

    # Voted Players:
    # The list of players who have been voted and their voters

        - Droid_Dude
        - Dame


    • Only specified for my own server ( for those who are interested ;))
    • Complete development build
    • Only works with PEX
    • Added command /vipvote <player>
    • Added permanent saving in config.yml


    • First official preview
    • Development build
    • Added config part in config.yml
    • Added configable promotion command
    • Added configable vote count
    • Added custom broadcast message
    • Bug fixing

    • Updated to 1.16.3


    Thanks for downloading!
    If you discover any bugs/glitches or want me to add a feature, write a comment in the thread: Spigot Thread
    I appreciate your help and have fun with VipVote! :)

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