Virtual AutoBrewer 1.0

Allow players to brew potions virtually in exchange for cash.

  1. Fluddershy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    VAB (Virtual AutoBrewer) is a plugin which allows your players to purchase and brew potions virtually. No more tacky tall auto brewers or brewing by hand, it's the future!



    • Vault

    In the config, you have a list of potions separated into three key categories: normal, splash, and lingering. In all these categories, you have the meat of the plugin, the potions. You can remove potion sections that you don't want/need and change the price of each and every one of them. Currently, I have the time and aliases keys but don't be mistaken, I have not added in that functionality as of yet.

    This plugin works on any 1.12.* branch.
    This plugin was mainly to be advertised towards faction servers, with a potpvp based community.

    Other configuration settings:
    Code (Text):
      merchant-name: '&2&lPotion Brewer'
      default-brew-time: 15
    - world-0-80-0
    Currently, default-brew-time is the only preference to change time, so every potion takes the same amount of time. Merchant-name obviously changes the name of the potion merchant(s) that you can spawn throughout the server. Merchant format follows like so:
    Code (Text):
    - {world_name}-x-y-z
    Config Copy and Pastes:
    If you for some reason need a new copy of the potions configuration section config, I will be posting them below for each Spigot version I support.

    Potion List 1.12.*:

    How To Use:
    To get to the screenshot from the top of the post, you need to right-click any potion merchant throughout the server. You can select up to 36 potions throughout the GUI and click the Confirm button to start brewing (need money)
    I only have a couple commands right now, consisting of:
    • /brew help
      • Displays main help page (anyone can use)
    • /brew status
      • If you have a brew cooking up, use this to check the status (if you're not near a potion merchant)
    • /brew reload
      • Reloads the config
      • Requires brew.admin
    • /brew current
      • Shows current brews currently on the server
      • Requires brew.admin

    If you have found a bug or issue, please take it up with me on my Discord or here.

    If you have any questions or problems, here's the discord.

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