VirtualFurnace(API) 1.0.0-Beta11

Create virtual furnaces that can be used anywhere!

  1. ShaneBee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    Due to recent events, I will no longer be developing this plugin.
    This decision was a hard one to make, but I have to do it to take care of my personal wellbeing.

    I may come back to it... but as of right now, I am stopping work on this resource.

    VirtualFurnace is both an API as well as a plugin which implements the API.

    I have done quite a bit of testing with this plugin, but you never know. I have decided to release it as a beta state to get feedback and see how it goes before I release a "stable" version.

    Also as a WARNING, due to this being in beta, things may be changing before final release.

    VirtualFurnace allows you to create virtual furnaces. These furnaces operate just like vanilla Minecraft furnaces with the exception that they are not linked to a block. #Freedom

    - Create furnaces without requiring a furnace block
    - Create furnace items, allowing players to walk around with portable furnaces, accessible from anywhere
    - Create furnace tiles, linking virtual furnaces to any block of your choosing.
    - Create/Register custom fuels (pick your item, and then time it will burn for) [as of right now, the only items usable are items which can currently be put into a vanilla furnace's fuel slot]
    - Create/Register custom recipes (chose your input/output materials and cook time) [as of right now, the only items usable are items which can currently be put into a vanilla furnace's input slot]
    - Register vanilla fuels to use in your virtual furnaces (these are pre-made with a handful of useful API for them)
    - Register vanilla recipes to use in your virtual furnaces (basically, copy vanilla recipes to use in your furnace)
    - Create properties to easily manipulate your furnace's speeds.

    This API uses persistent data containers, and therefor will only be available on 1.14+

    As a plugin, VirtualFurnace does not have too much to offer as of yet. Currently theres a few commands to create virtual furnaces (basically useless as of now), and a command to give a player a virtual furnace item.
    In the future I plan to add more to the plugin implementation of this API, but the API is the main feature here.

    VirtualFurnace is an open source plugin with a GPL-3.0 license.
    You can find the source code for VirtualFurnace on GitHub. As with any open source plugin, we are open to contributions via pull requests.

    You can check out the Java Docs to see how this all works.

    Need more info? Check out our WIKI


    I appreciate all reviews, but I do ask that you keep them to the point of how this plugin operates. DO NOT use reviews to report bugs or ask for new features to be added. These will be ignored. Please use the correct channels to ask for new features or report bugs.

    made in Canada
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Recent Reviews

  1. Minkizz
    Version: 1.0.0-Beta7
    LOL wiki is very funny. Also how do you do virtual furnaces ? it's impossible, it's very hard. i haven't used the API so I don't know if it's good, but the plugin is good. 9/10 = 5/5
  2. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.0.0-Beta7
    funciona bien tiene errores minimos pero me gusta es chistoso el dueño ademas parece muy buena gente saludos señor dev nos vemos en otra creasion suya xd
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the 5 star review.
      I have no clue what it says but it must be good ;)
  3. rmellis
    Version: 1.0.0-Beta5
    Very nice API documented very professionally, easy to understand and use. Another great resource from ShaneBee.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      What are you talking about professionally? I made plenty of jokes in the wiki ;) haha. I like to add some humour sometimes, to make things a little more fun!!!
      Thank you for the great review. I got some more fun stuff coming with this soon.
      Once I get the API aspect of it a little more sorted out, I will work on making the plugin implementation a little more server owner friendly.