VirtualPlayers 1.10.0

Create virtual players for easy debugging of plugins through the console

  1. clovisd
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    alkarin_v, Zach443, Europia79, lDucks, Redned.
    This is a lightweight plugin for:
    1. debugging plugins
    2. doing commands for plugins that need players.

    The virtualPlayers can take actions via commands and print out the events that are happening to them on the console. These players don't show up in game, but are just used for performing actions as if a player was there. Very useful if you don't even want to load up Minecraft, you just boot the server and debug as if you were players without even running the game.

    The virtual players respond to the following commands.

    Commands as Players
    Commands: dc = do command, <virtual player> = the name of virtual player

    • dc <virtual player> any command you would normally do as a player
    • dc <virtual player> op : op virtual player
    • dc <virtual player> deop : deop virtual player
    • dc <virtual player> respawn : respawn the virtual player
    • dc <virtual player> disconnect
    • dc <virtual player> connect (Virtual players need to connect before being able to issue any commands)
    • dc <virtual player> reconnect
    • dc <virtual player> health <amount> : give the virtual player some health ( or kill them if 0 )
    • dc <virtual player> inv : print out their inventory
    • dc <virtual player> giveinv <item> : give them an item
    • dc <virtual player> tp <location> : teleport them to the given location ( "world,3,3,3" )
    • dc <virtual player> chat my message : have the virtual player talk in chat
    • dc <virtual player> hit <player2> [damage] : attack other players, defaults to 5 damage
    • dc <virtual player> interact <left | right> <location> : do a PlayerInteractEvent on the specified block location
    • /dc <virtual player> bpe <block> <location> : do a BlockPlaceEvent of the given material at the given location
    • /dc <virtual player> bbe <location> : do a BlockBreakEvent at the given location
    Other Commands
    • /virtualplayers hideMessages : hide messages from players
    • /virtualplayers showMessages : show messages from players
    • dc p1 spawn
    • dc p2 disconnect
    • dc p1 chat Hello Server!
    • dc p3 bpe iron_block world,310,65,700 : Place an iron_block at world,310,65,700
    You can ask us questions in real time on Discord when we're around. Please stick around if you don't get an answer right away. Most of us have lives and only check Discord occasionally. :)


    This plugin was Originally Developed by: alkarinv , lDucks , and Europia79. All credits for the original VirtualPlayers go to them. :)

    Please do not put bug reports, inquiries, errors, or issues in the reviews section. Please open a new issue on GitHub, use the discussion thread, or join the Discord server if you need help.
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Recent Reviews

  1. fierceeo
    Version: 1.10.0
    Great Plugin! I would highly recommend this plugin for developers who are testing their plugin and don't want to spend time opening up minecraft!
    1. clovisd
      Author's Response
      Glad to see that you enjoy the plugin! Thanks for the review :)
  2. Asgardia
    Version: 1.10.0
    /dc command never ever worked. the staff only ignores the questions and doesn't provide a meaningful solution when they don't ignore. bad management.
    1. clovisd
      Author's Response
      You not once asked for support. There are no records of you joining our Discord server (going by your Spigot name) or even anyone asking for support regarding VirtualPlayers on or even two weeks before the date of this review. If you have had asked for support, we would have been willing to help you out.
  3. Emanuelitos
    Version: 1.10.0
    i needed a plugin that can automatically place worldedit schematics (for a minigame) into a world and this is just what i needed for that ...initially i thought it wasnt working but i actually needed to give op rights to the virtual player so yeah... thats my tip for u guys (the review readers)
    1. clovisd
      Author's Response
      Glad everything is working out for you! Thank you for your review :)
  4. CoLT_47
    Version: 1.10.0
    Worked fine few days ago, but now. Nada, nonthing ill meant, but check the integrity of the jar. It loads, but does nonthing now.
    1. clovisd
      Author's Response
      I apologize if you were unable to get this plugin working, but as with the previous review, the reviews section is not the place to report issues. We have offered to help resolve the issue with you in private messages, but until you provide us with more information, we have no clue what doesn't work, what Minecraft version you're running on, and what methods you have tried.
  5. iTzGhostx
    Version: 1.8.3
    Smooth and works fine in older versions
    Very helpful and speeds up the testing!
    Easy to use and gives me the ability to test almost everything!
    Thank you for this master piece!
  6. Redned
    Version: 1.14.2
    This by far has been one of the most helpful utility plugins when testing or needing to make sure one of my plugins worked fine. Being able to simply run commands or test features through the console has tremendously helped when troubleshooting or working on something that normally would require multiple alt accounts.

    Would recommend this for any server owner!