VitalCommands - Requires Skript 1.1

So vital that your server will not survive without it...

  1. Digeon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    VitalCommands is the vital plugin for all servers with many core features. It is constantly updated with new commands and permissions added all the time. It has different categories of features that your players will be sure to enjoy!

    General Statistics
    · Current Version: 1.0.3
    · Command Count: 6
    · Commands Tested: 6
    · Target Command Count: 10

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    Requires Skript 2.0+ (Please report any bugs!)

    /gamemode <0, 1, 2, 3>

    fly: - Permission to soar the sky!
    chatclear: - Permission to clear the chat.
    gamemode: - Permission to change gamemode.
    heal: vitalcommands.heal - Permission to /heal yourself!
    [Operator set to default]

    Vital Commands... what is it?

    Vital Commands is a special addon for Minecraft that adds special commands and many unique features. Launched on 10/08/2020, VitalCommands is vital to every server who want fun, friendly commands and an overall great experience.

    Copy of Essentials?

    Essentials provides many commands and unique features. Essentials (on Bukkit) was abandoned a long time ago, but the fork version EssentialsX is the latest version available on SpigotMC. However, I think that EssentialsX's updates are becoming slower and less often. Mainly because it has the base commands. The most recent updates are because of newer version support and maybe bug fixes, nothing else really. Yes, VitalCommands is in HEAVY development as you can see, but is constantly updated, almost every day. New commands & permissions, bug fixes & performance updates are fixed/added all the time. Make sure you give this plugin a good rating and donate at Thanks

    Hmm.... there's one contributor, surely that means slow updates?

    Well, definitely not. There will be constant updates as I add brand new commands, configure it and test it. There's still a lot to come, so updates will fix the problems! :)

    Several Bug Errors when I reload the Skript. Why?

    If you see any bug errors, try to ignore them. I'm relatively new to Skript, but when I check the commands are fine. It may just be a problem with some of the code but still works, or maybe it depends on Skript version. Everytime I update the plugin, I will check if everything works. If there's still an issue just report it on my profile page on SpigotMC.

    Want to donate and support free plugins?

    I'll consider donating... what do I get?

    Here's why you should donate:

    · Help support FREE plugins
    · Receive the best rank on my Minecraft Server with amazing perks and features
    · Get exclusive PRIVATE access to snapshot releases before everyone else
    · Get exclusive PRIVATE access to my soon-to-come plugins
    · Priority suggestions
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    · Support my test servers

    If you have donated, message me on SpigotMC with your Paypal email or Ko-fi account.

    Even if it is as low as a few pennies, you will still get the above features.

    All versions should work.

    If you get Skript errors when you reload, ignore them. It may be depend on what version of Skript you are running. As long as everything works, it should be fine.

    If you encounter any bugs, please report them to me via conversation on SpigotMC. When you report a bug, make sure you explain it properly; give console errors (if there are any), take screenshots or a video, specify what version of the plugin you are using, your Minecraft (main) server version and your Skript version. If there is no resolution, please specify your plugins, as some may override the commands and cause problems. EssentialsX should not cause any problems. If there are, try this guide:

    (1) Disable EssentialsX to see if VitalCommands will work.
    (2) Check the plugin version...
    (3) Check the Skript version...
    (4) Reload the plugin using the command /reload VitalCommands (try it now and make sure it works; ignore the bug errors with the code)

    Please leave the reviews for the reviews section.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jaeger_Danger
    Version: 1.1
    This is waaaaaaay too average and over hyped like holy crap but it does what it's supposed to do I guess. A couple of these things definitely don't work on 1.7.10. You should make arguments for players in a few of these commands where possible. You should also use list variables.
    1. Digeon
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and suggestions, I'll see if I can add those in future updates. I was going to change the tagline for the plugin and also the versions. It was meant to be built for 1.8
  2. nedrox
    Version: 1.0.2
    This is only 3 commands but they do what they need to do. Also, would recommend adding your options at the top of the code so the user can edit them easier and replace the other prefix's with the {@Prefix}:)
    1. Digeon
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! More commands are being added soon. I just needed to neaten up the code and fix bugs for the other commands. In future updates I'll also add the options for the top of the code.
  3. Rayrnond
    Version: 1.0.1
    I do not totally agree with "your server will not survive without it" but it seems good for its purpose.
    1. Digeon
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the positive review. Yeah, the tag line may not totally match the material of the plugin but it is still in development :)