VitalityCore | Essentials Commands and more! 1.0.3

/gm 0,1,2,3| /ores stats! |Warp system |/enchant |/skull | Media commands! | MOTD on join and more!

  1. CairoS2CrS
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    VitalityCore is a simple plugin, but necesary in your severs.

    The plugin supports versions 1.8 and 1.16, has a messages.yml where you can translate the plugin to your desired languages without any problems or limits.


    Essentials Commands:
    • Gamemode
    • Fly
    • Statistics in GUI [Recommended version 1.8]
    • Top
    • Tpa
    • Tphere
    • Give
    • Vanish
    • Teleport
    • Time set
    • Msg format
    • Feed and Heal
    • Chat clear
    • Speed [1-10]
    • Clear inventory
    • Invsee
    • Enderchest
    • Invsee
    • Repair
    • Rename
    • Setlore
    • Tppos
    • SIMPLE Warps
    • SIMPLE Homes
    • Skull
    • Disposal
    • Broadcast
    • Enchant
    • Media [Discord, Twitter, TeamSpeak, Store, Website]

    Other features [Events]:
    • Enderchest Large
    • Skull head owner info
    • Signs Disposal
    • Lightning on death player
    • Block break and block place
    • Antiweather
    • Autolapis
    • Strength fix
    • Enderpearl cooldown
    • Banned words
    /vitalreload - reload.cmd​
    /give - give.cmd
    /tphere - tphere.cmd // [tphere all / permission necesary .*]
    /ores <player> No permission!
    /Broadcast [bc] - broadcast.cmd
    /clearchat [cc] - clearchat.cmd
    /clearinv [ci] - clear.cmd
    /time - time.cmd
    /disposal - disposal.cmd
    /enchant - enchant.cmd
    /enderchest [ec] - enderchest.cmd / enderchest.others.cmd
    /feed - feed.cmd
    /heal - heal.cmd
    /fly - fly.cmd
    /gamemode [gm] - gamemode.cmd / gamemode.other.cmd
    /invsee - invsee.cmd
    /setlore - lore.cmd
    /msg - msg.cmd
    /rename - rename.cmd
    /repair [fix, fix all] - repair.cmd
    /skull - skull.cmd
    /speed - speed.cmd
    /teleport [tp] - teleport.cmd
    /tpa - tpa.cmd
    /tppos - tppos.cmd
    /vanish [v] - vanish.cmd
    /craft - craft.cmd

    Create homes:
    /sethome <name> - sethome.cmd
    /delhome <name> - delhome.cmd
    /home <name> - home.cmd

    Create a Warp:
    warp.<warp> - access to the warp <warp> (example: warp.test)
    /warp <name> - warp.cmd
    /warps <warps avaliable> - warps.cmd
    /setwarp <name> - setwarp.cmd
    /delwarp <name> - delwarp.cmd

    Sign create:
    first line [Disposal]
    sign disposal create - sign.disposal

    Access enderchest large - enderchest.vitality

    Bypass blockbreak and blockplae - - gamemode 1 is needed or disable in config.yml

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Code (Text):
    #enable motd message
    motd-enabled: true
    #add and remove lines as needed
      - '&7&m---------------------------------------'
      - ''
      - '&aTwitter: &[email protected]'
      - '&aWeb: &'
      - ''
      - '&7&m---------------------------------------'

    # This is the cooldown for enderpearls
    # Set this to 0 to disable
    EnderPearlCooldown: 15

    # Automatically puts lapis in enchanting table
    AutoLapis: true

    #Banned Words
    enabled: true
      - stupid
      - Losser
      - Ez

    #Block break enabled or disabled
    anti-block-break: true

    #Block place enabled or disabled
    anti-block-place: true

    #Rain enabled or disbaled
    anti-weather: true

    #Disable the default message when entering the server ("User" joined the game)
    disableJoinMsg: true

    #Disable the default message when entering the server ("User" left the game)
    disableQuitMsg: true

    #Disable/enable lightning when players death
    lightning-on-death: true

    # Nerfs strength so it's not too op
    StrengthFix: true


    Code (Text):
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&6&lDiscord&7: &"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&6&lStore: &"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&6&lTeamspeak: &"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&6&lTwitter: &"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"
      - "&6&lWebsite: &"
      - "&7&m-------------------------------------------"

    PearlCooldown: "&cYou can't do that for another %timer% seconds!"

    #Endeschest messages opened echest other players!
    open-other-chest: '&bOpen echest of: &a%player%'

    #Cleared Inventory!
    cleared-inventory: '&eInventory has been cleared'

    #Fly Messages!
    off-message: '&eFly mode: &cDisabled'
    on-message: '&eFly mode: &aEnabled'

    #Feed and Heal Messages!
    heal-message: '&eHas been healed!'
    feed-message: '&eYour appetite was satisfied'

    #Vanish Messages!
    on-vanish: '&eVanish: &aEnabled'
    off-vanish: '&eVanish: &cDisabled'

    #Teleport Messages!
    specify-teleport: '&bPlease specify a player that you would like to teleport to!'
    player-not-online: '&4Player is not online'
    player-message: '&eTeleported to &a%player%'

    #Gamemode Messages!
    survival-message: '&eYour Game mode has been Changed to &b[Survival]'
    creative-message: '&eYour Game mode has been Changed to &b[Creative]'
    adventure-message: '&eYour Game mode has been Changed to &b[Adventure]'
    spectator-message: '&eYour Game mode has been Changed to &b[Spectator]'

    #Day and Night Messages!
    day-message: '&eTime set &aDay'
    night-message: '&eTime set &8Night'

    #Warp Messages
    usage: '&cError! correct usage: '
    warp: '&7you have been teleported to &6%warp%'
    warps: '&6&lWarps: &b'
    nowarps: '&cYou dont have any warps!'
    warpaccess: '&cYou dont have access for this warp!'
    warpother: '&6%target% &7was teleported to &6%warp%'
    warpbyother: '&6%player% &7teleported you to &6%warp%'
    warpnotexist: '&6%warp% &7does not exist!'

    #Setwarp Messages
    setwarp: '&6%warp% &7was created!'
    setwarp-confirm1-message: '&6%warp% &7is already in the config!'
    setwarp-confirm2-message: '&7Use &6/setwarp %warp% &7again to confirm.'
    warpexist: '&cThis warp is already in the config!'

    #Delwarp Messages
    delwarp: '&6%warp% &7was successfully deleted!'
    delwarp-message: '&7Did you really like to delete &6%warp%&7?'
    delwarp-confirm-message: '&7Use &6/delwarp %warp% &7again to confirm'

    #Messages sign disposal!
    disposalSign: '&8[Disposal]'
    line-1: '&bDeposit'
    line-2: '&bTrash'
    line-3: '&bHere!'

    Support or recommendations: CairoS2#5026

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for download this plugin.

    Soon better features!

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