Vivecraft Spigot Extensions VSE 1.18.2 r1

VSE is a companion plugin for Vivecraft, the VR mod for Java Minecraft.

  1. Jaron780
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    jrbudda, Techjar, jaron780
    VSE is a companion plugin for Vivecraft, the VR mod for Java Minecraft. VSE is for Spigot servers and adds several enhancements for VR players.

    • Vivecraft players will see other Vivecraft players head and arm movements.
    • Support for Vivecraft 2-handed archery.
    • Assign permission groups for VR players.
    • Fixes projectiles and dropped items from VR players.
    • Shrinks Creeper explosion radius for VR players from 3 to 1.75m (Configurable)
    • Option to limit server to Vivecraft players only.
    See the config.yml for all available configuration options.

    Download from the Releases page. Please ensure you download the correct version of the plugin as they are not backwards compatible.

    Install as you would any other Spigot/Bukkit plugin by placing the jar in the /plugins folder.

    For Spigot 1.7.10 you can download it in the version history tab or on our GitHub page here

Recent Updates

  1. [VSE 1.18.2] r1
  2. [VSE 1.18.1] b2
  3. [VSE 1.17.1] b2

Recent Reviews

  1. KrYo
    Version: VSE 1.18.2 r1
    Great plugin, used on and off for a few years.
    Nice to see it updated to 1.18.2
    Awesome features
    Thank you very much <3
  2. Bloxxy213
    Version: VSE 1.16.5 r1
    Works great. Works with VR/Non-VR players, so 3 players (Me and 2 friends) and 7 can play together. Also looks splendid!
  3. Booper_Dooper
    Version: VSE 1.16.5 r1
    Works as intended
    ...have to fill the minimum character limit. How is it still not filled. There we go
  4. kaisd
    Version: VSE 1.16.5 r1
    Please add other languages support to welcome messages. When i'm change messages to written on russian, config re-created
  5. TrygveDev
    Version: VSE 1.16.5 r1
    Good plugin! But not updated that often. All in all great work I can finally have fun in VR with my friends!
  6. Revelation2398
    Version: VSE 1.16.1 r7
    Love the plug in and it works great for my 1.16.1 server that has a bunch of other plug ins, like roughly 10 others. Only issue is i dont seem to be able to tsee others VR players limbs move. Their heads just twitch.
  7. jsjsjd
    Version: VSE 1.16.1 r5
    I've seen your plugin "Vivecraft Spigot Extensions" on spigotmc, it's fantastic!!!!!
    I'm a Chinese server owner using the plugin. Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to MCBBS? Many Chinese server owners want a translated language file, and I can help them. You know not all of them are good at English, they can't read your post (Even with Google translator) they need a Chinese translator. I'll show them your spigotmc page and let them download the plugin here. I'll NEVER claim it as mine, I just wanna translate it and let more people know it. I'll NEVER leak the jar file.
    Hope for your reply!
  8. starnos
    Version: VSE 1.16.1 r4
    Thanks to your plugin, our server is now 1.16.1 VR optimized. Thank you for the great job.
  9. KevinYouTube
    Version: VSE 1.15.2 r2
    How work in WaterFall ?
    And this plugin is amazing ♥
    Love it.
    Thank you ♥♥♥♥♥
  10. McHau1ge
    Version: VSE 1.14.4 r6
    Love this plugin, amazing how it adds to the game by being able to use VR, and also it seems to be PaperSpigot compatible at least with minecraft 1.14.4 and vivecraft 1.14.4-r6