VoiceSpeak 2020-07-09

Talking with voice online without server-mod

  1. Vlvxingze
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Voicespeak -- voice chat


    This is a pure plug-in support of voice system, and install ready to use.

    At present, only 1.12.2 is supported. I don't want to work on other versions. Some people want to talk about it


    ·The server does not need mod, just plug-in

    Let pure end also have a day to play voice games

    ·Highly compressed speech size, very low broadband usage

    Highly compressed voice size, compression and decompression operations are all performed on the client,

    It doesn't take up a tiny bit of server performance, and significantly reduces broadband consumption

    The test results show that, compared with the next door voice, the mod broadband is reduced by about 70%, and the average speech per person is 1.7 KB / s

    ·Provide packaged API, can play freely

    Developers can play any sound to the client with the help of this plug-in

    ·The client can play the server normally without mod

    You don't have to worry because you have to install voice mod, which leads to the loss of players

    ·Support the core of spot, Mohist, bungeerecord, etc

    For bungeerecord, please install the plug-in in in the child side, and switch server is also supported

    1.Put VoiceSpeak-Forge to Forge-Client
    2.Put VoiceSpeak-Bukkit and VSChannel to Bukkit-Server
    3.Join to the server and press "P" to open menu!
    And press "U" to talk!

Recent Reviews

  1. huzpsb
    Version: 2020-07-09
    Excellent.It would be better if it supports more versions.
    I'm running a 1.8.8 server QaQ