Void Teleport | Rescue you from the void 1.4 release

Teleport you when you fall into void!

  1. i998979
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This script simply rescue you from falling into the void.

    - Light weight of code
    - Message when being teleported
    - Customizable message

    Videos & Pictures

    Arguments with [] can be ommited

    /voidteleport help: Show help page
    /voidteleport enable: Enable void teleport
    /voidteleport disable: Disable void teleport
    /voidteleport setlobby: Set the place where player will be teleported when they fall into void

    - VoidTeleport.Admin: Access SignEdit commands

    - Skript

    - Download all the dependencies as needed
    - Download this resource
    - Put them all into your server plugins folder
    - Run the server once

    - Download all the dependencies as needed
    - Put them all into your server plugins folder
    - Run the server once
    - Download this resource
    - Place the .sk file you downloaded into Skript/scripts folder
    - Reload / restart Server-


    If you have any ideas, feel free to tell me in the Discussion Section

    Can't answer what you concern? PM me / post in the Discussion Section to get more information.
    Q. I get console spam like this frequently!

    Code (Text):
    [19:49:35 WARN]: [Skript] Cannot write variables to the database 'default' at sufficient speed; server performance may suffer and many variables will be lost if the server crashes. (this warning will be repeated at most once every 10 seconds)

    A. I have tried my best to solve this problem. This error exists because Skript is modifying database with sufficient speed. Try to give more resources your server. I will also improve the code to fix this problem.

    Q. Why I need lots of plugins as dependencies?
    A. This resource is based on Skript plugin and its Add-On. I can't help if you can't install a lot of dependencies. Currently impossible to compress those features into a jar file for you to download. Please consider carefully before purchasing this resource.

    Q. I get bugs / console errors / nothing received after typing a command.
    Bugs / Console errors: Please make sure that you didn't mess up the code of the resource.
    Try to use a clean copy of the resource before seek help from me. I will help you as much as I can if you tell me the bug by PM or the Discussion section. Otherwise I will just ignore you.

    Nothing received after typing a command: Please make sure you follow the Commands Section above to use those commands. You might not get messages if you entered the wrong arguments.

    Q. Does this resource support xxxx Platform / xxx Server / xxx Minecraft version ?
    A. I am sorry that I can't test all the platforms, servers, minecraft version. I don't have the time and resources to do so. If you are getting problems about those platform / server / minecraft version issue, please tell me the bug by PM or the Discussion section, I will try my best to help you fix it.

    Terms of use
    - You are not permitted to redistribute any part of this resource in any form.
    - You are not permitted to modify the code of this resource and redistribute as your own work.
    - You are not suggested to leave a review about any problem occurred like bug fix. Otherwise I will just ignore you.
    - You will not being alerted if this section is being modified.
    - You are permitted to leave a review to comment this resource.

Recent Reviews

  1. Simi9182
    Version: 1.4 release
    great skript! thanks for uploading :D
  2. CharlyBrown
    Version: 1.4 release
    so good

  3. iBrady
    Version: 1.1 release
    Good Skript! First Void TP plugin thats simple! Just setting lobby, enable the skript and its finished! Really easy and nice!
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much :D
      Your comment is my power to do more skript
  4. minemidnight
    Version: 1.0 release
    This is so bad it hurts.

    Don't use on any movement when you don't need to. Use on damage and check if the damage cause is void. You don't need to set variables as 0, since if they are not set they are practically already 0. Adding 1 to a variable not set before will still be 1. You have a bunch of useless variables, and for enabling/disabling please never use numbers. Use delete {var} and set {var} to true and check if {var} is not set or if {var} is true.
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      Oh, I am so sorry
      I usually use 1 and 0.
      This might a big problem for some server that cannot handle a lot of variables
      Thanks for your replying and I will try to develop a next version of the problem you see.