VoidBan 1.0.1

Easy ban management.

  1. VoidMC
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    • 1.15
    VoidBan is a plugin that allows you to set default ban messages, in an easy to use GUI.

    VoidBan allows you to make fair punishments without the hassle of managing what the punishment is. You can give the same punishment to everyone who breaks the same rule.

    VoidBan also uses a GUI and your own default messages, which allows your staff to easily ban people. It also means that you can dictate the ban message, without relying on your staff to use a format.

    features.jpg - Customisable GUI
    - Make ban reasons specific to your server
    - Fully customisable ban messages for each reason.
    - If you have a feature request, please feel free to message me, or leave it in the discussions tab and I will try my best to add it!


    2020-02-17_19.01.02.png 2020-02-17_19.00.07.png

    For version 1.1 [Not yet released]:
    - Fix bugs.

    - Add mute type. Can be temporary and permanent.

    Please consult the help wiki for things such as permissions, commands and how to set up the config. If you cannot find what you need, please feel free to ask on the discussions tab, or message me and I will help you as soon as possible! :)

Recent Updates

  1. Config.yml Fix.