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Register which player hits the other player into the void

  1. Centri
    This plugin is quite simple, whenever someone punches another player into the void, the player who gets killed, will not get killed by the void, but the player who punched him/her. This is perfect for games like skyblock, skywars, kitpvp maps, or just any other maps appearing in the skies!

    NEW: You can now decide whether a player should get teleported to spawn if he / she is not in combat when falling into void.

    For a safe installation, it is recommended you follow these steps.

    1. Stop your server
    2. Drag the .jar file into your /plugin folder
    3. Start your server

    #VoidKiller by Jonasrems

    #Teleport player back to spawn if the player jumps into void my themselfs [true/false]
    teleportSpawn : true

    #How many movepackets while the player is on the ground is needed to be sent before the
    #player attack doesn't count anymore (Put -1 to make it count until the player dies)
    #Default: 40
    cancelAttack: 40

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  1. Added a configuration file!

Recent Reviews

  1. caca
    Version: 1.1 > Now with config
    Great plugin man, Very useful...
    Could you do a plugin like this but for TNT explosions? Thanks. :))
  2. _Zane
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great resource, does what it says. An idea for future updates, maybe a config file where you can choose which world to use it?
    1. Centri
      Author's Response
      Thank you and good idea!