VoidSpawn V1.19.3

Teleport players upon entering the void.

  1. tcvs
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    This plugin will teleport players to spawn when they enter the void. This is useful on hub servers that have an open void that players jump into.

    • Teleport players upon entering the void.
    • Supports multiple types of teleportation types.
    • Multi-World support
    • Saves players from death.
    • Skyblock Support (ASkyblock, IslandWorld, uSkyBlock or BentoBox)
    Supported & Unsupported Versions
    Spigot 1.13 or above: Only the latest version of Voidspawn is supported.
    Spigot 1.12 or below: You must use version 1.16.1 or below of Voidspawn. Download this version from the version history page. This is a legacy version, and no more updates will be released.



    - Provides some details of plugin.
    /vs help - Shows a list of all commands.
    /vs info [world] - Get VoidSpawn info for the given world
    /vs mode (mode) [world] - Sets the mode of the current world or the world specified.
    /vs modes - Lists all available modes.
    /vs set [world] - Sets the spawn point for the mode 'spawn' in the current world or the specified world.
    /vs remove [world] - Removes a spawn point from the current world or the specified world.
    /vs reload - Reloads the plugin.
    /vs toggle - toggles whether the player is teleported upon entering the void.
    /vs detector (detector) [world] - Sets the world detector, defaults to Void.
    /vs option (set/clear) (option) [value...] - Set an option for the mode.

    () - Mandatory [] - Optional

    vs.player.toggle - Permission for /vs toggle command
    vs.enable - Enables teleportation/actions when entering the void. Enabled by default for all players.

    vs.admin.* - Will give all /voidspawn commands
    vs.admin.set - Gives /voidspawn set command
    vs.admin.reload - Gives /voidspawn reload command
    vs.admin.remove - Gives /voidspawn remove command
    vs.admin.mode - Gives /voidspawn mode command
    vs.admin.help - Gives /voidspawn help command
    vs.admin.detector - Gives /voidspawn detector command
    vs.admin.info - Gives /voidspawn info command
    vs.admin.option - Gives /voidspawn option command
    vs.* - Will grant all VoidSpawn permissions


    color-logs Enables/Disables Colored logging

    Commands Variables:
    In the command mode, to run the command as op just add "op:" to the front of the command. Also, there are a few variables available.
    ${player.name} - The name of the player.
    ${player.uuid} - The UUID of the player.
    ${player.coord.x} - The x coordinate of the player.
    ${player.coord.y} - The y coordinate of the player.
    ${player.coord.z} - The z coordinate of the player.
    ${player.coord.world} - The world name the player is in.

    Here is an example command: "op:effect ${player.name} minecraft:strength 45"

    Available Options:
    : The sound played when detected in the void
    sound_volume: The sound volume
    sound_pitch: The sound pitch
    hybrid: Whether to run in hybrid mode (mode and command)
    keep_inventory: Whether players keep inventory
    message: Message sent when detected in the void
    offset: The offset for the detector
    command: The command(s) for either command mode or hybrid
    inc_death_stat: Whether to increment the death statistic
    vertical_offset: The offset from the top of the world to teleport the player
    keep_velocity: Whether the player's velocity should be maintained after being teleported
    damage: Amount of damage applied upon entering the void
    bounce: Number of times to bounce from the void before activating the mode
    min_bounce_velocity: Minimum velocity given when bouncing the player

    Note: not all modes support every option

    There is also a worlds.yml all information for world modes and other stuff is set and saved here.


    Spawn - Teleports player back to a set spawn location
    Touch - Teleports player back to the spot where they touched the ground last
    None - Removes any mode from the world
    Island - Teleports player to their own island. Requires ASkyblock, IslandWorld, uSkyBlock or BentoBox, SuperiorSkyblock
    Command - Execute command(s) when the player enters the void.

    Void - Activates when the player enters the void. (Default)
    Nether - Activates when the player enters the void or when the player goes above the bedrock at level 128


    To get the fastest response for issues or questions is to open a new ticket on Github. I do not regularly keep an eye on Spigot MC.
    Please make a ticket on Github, and I will try to fix it as soon as I can.

    Unofficial Support for Spigot 1.12 or below: The latest versions of VoidSpawn only supports Spigot 1.13 or above. VoidSpawn v1.16.1 or below is available for older releases of Spigot. Note: This version is no longer officially supported but will work on older versions of Spigot.

    PLEASE NOTE (Version 1.12.2 or below): Not Working? Do you use "*" for permissions? Make sure to negate "vs.override" in your permissions.


    Please suggest some new features on GitHub!

Recent Updates

  1. V1.19.3
  2. V1.19.2
  3. V1.19.1 - Fix download link

Recent Reviews

  1. MelaniumAS
    Version: V1.19.3
    Ya comprendĂ­ el plugin, tuve problemas pero las solucione:

    /vs mode spawn
    /vs spawn
    /vs detector Void

    Esto seria para mĂșltiples mundos.

    Espero les sirva. :D
  2. phileas0408
    Version: V1.19.3
    for my next server i wanted than we jumpinto the void from the hub to go to the main map.
    this plugin help me setup that in less than 5 minute
    hope it stays 5/5
  3. Toastery
    Version: V1.19.2
    I love this plugin and is great! although, I was wondering if it could be possible to limit the void spawn detection radius's x and z coordinates, we use a plugin to teleport people to other parts of the world, we thought about using multiple worlds but decided against it due to needing to load each world when wanting to enter it, otherwise, great plugin!
  4. balenxiaga
    Version: V1.19.2
    support is fast from the author, i recommend! very cool plugin1 10 out of 10! he helped me solve my questions in short period of time
  5. FakEE14
    Version: V1.19.2
    you don't know why and ask your self times and times why this plugin work exactly as i want
  6. ChrusKosco
    Version: V1.19.2
    Keep_Volcity is not working iin options and is always on killing player on tp to spawn and then respawning them
    1. tcvs
      Author's Response
      Hey! Feel free to reach out via the discussions tab. Looks like something might not be setup properly. Also the 'keep_velocity' option is only for the Looper mode.
  7. anemul
    Version: V1.19.1
    Excellent as usual, never have had a problem with this plugin. Use it again and again.
  8. ObviouslyYes
    Version: V1.19.0
    Nice Update :) Nice to see this plugin is still being updated, Good job on updating it :)
  9. ArtutoGamer
    Version: V1.18.3
    Great simple plugin, easy to configure and use; with good plugin and per world support.
  10. Gustavo_Player
    Version: V1.18.3
    Good plugin. =)