VoidTeleport | Falling into the void 2.2.1

There are many different ways to fall in the void. You just have to choose yours.

  1. EndlessGames
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    MrFreasy, xQuickGlare, EpicProt

    VoidTeleport adds a new feature on
    your server Minecraft! Do you want to
    prevent players' death when they fall
    into the void? Or do you want to prevent
    them from falling endlessly? Just install
    this plugin, set the spawn coords through
    the in-game command and enjoy it!


    ⬤ Teleport back a player from the void, avoiding deaths
    Fully customizable in-game messages
    Set the layer by where the player should be teleported
    Coordinates settable with in-game command or through the config.yml
    Choose enabled worlds where the plugin should work
    Execute a per-world console command on teleport
    Keep-inventory option
    on teleport



    1. Download the plugin
    from Spigot and place the VoidTeleport.jar file in your plugins folder.

    2. Restart your server
    to generate the configurations, or use any other way to load the plugin, such as PlugMan.

    3. Run the in-game command /VoidTeleport setspawn <worldname>
    in the location where you want fallen players to be teleported, or customize manually the worlds.yml file in your /plugins/VoidTeleport/ folder.

    The plugin is already working, but you can also customize other features from configuration files and then run /VoidTeleport reload.

    5. Enjoy the plugin!


    Code (Text):

    #Customize the prefix of plugin messages.
    prefix: "&8&l[&4&lVoidTeleport&8&l]"

    #Message when an admin sets the spawnpoint of world.
    setspawn-success: "%prefix% &7The spawnpoint has been set &asuccessfully&7."

    #Message when an admin sets the command of world.
    setcommand-success: "%prefix% &7The command has been set &asuccessfully&7."

    #Message when an admin sets the keepinventory of world.
    keepinventory-success: "%prefix% &7KeepInventory has been set &asuccessfully&7."

    #Messagge on plugin reload command.
    reload-success: "%prefix% &7The config has been reloaded!"

    #Messagge when an user, without enough permissions, execute a command.
    no-permission: "%prefix% &cYou don't have enough permission to do that."

    #Message when an admin tries to toggle VoidTeleport in a world without set it up with /vt setspawn <worldname>.
    world-spawnpoint-notset: "%prefix% &cBefore toggling VoidTeleport, you need to set the spawn point."

    #Message when an admin tries to use VoidTeleport in a world that doesn't exist.
    world-notexists: "%prefix% &cWorld not exists. Check it!"

    Code (Text):

        spawnpoint: world:-60.13316120969305:67.0:-102.51292248323908:-114.908516:9.463585
        y-void: 0.0
        enable: true
        keep-inventory: 'false'
        command: 'say %player% fell into the void (%world% X:%x% Y:%y% Z:%z%)'

    ➤ voidteleport.help - Access to info command
    voidteleport.list - Allow players to execute /vt list
    voidteleport.toggle - Allow players to execute /vt toggle
    voidteleport.setspawn - Allows staff to configure coords
    voidteleport.setcommand - Allows staff to configure command on teleport
    voidteleport.keepinventory - Allows staff to enable or disable keep inventory
    voidteleport.reload - Reload the config through the ingame command

    To be able to use any of the following commands you can also use the permission voidteleport.admin.

    ⬤ /voidteleport (alias /vt) - List all commands
    /voidteleport list - List of worlds where VoidTeleport is enabled
    /voidteleport toggle <worldname> - Enable/Disable the VoidTeleport in a selected world
    /voidteleport setspawn <worldname> [y-min] [enabled] - Sets the spawnpoint of the given world
    /voidteleport setcommand <worldname> [command] - Sets the per-world command executed by console on teleport
    /voidteleport keepinventory <worldname> [true/false] - Enable or disable the option to keep inventory or not
    /voidteleport reload- Reload the config

    Keep in mind that premium resources have priority on free plugins. If you have any idea on how to increase this plugin, just PM us. We are happy to update our resources in order to create a fully customizable plugin.

    Add particles and sound on void teleport and respawn
    Run command on teleport also from player and not only console
    Add different modes to change the way the plugins works:
    - Lastpoint: teleport back a player to the last block he was before he fell into the void;
    - EndlessFall: when a player reach the y-void, he will be teleported up (with the same x/z coords, different y);
    - Jump: when a player reach the y-void, he will jump for a custom amount of times, before teleporting;
    - Command: execute a command when the player reach the y-void layer.
    Action-bar message to players when they get teleported
    Improve anti cheat compatibility
    Add check-updates in the configuration file and BStats


    Do you want to leave a review? Please, do NOT post any issues as a review, since you won't get any support! If you have any bugs, doubts or suggestions, just contact us!

    Use the resource discussion or one of the methods below. Don't hesitate ;)

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    Version: 2.2.1
    The plugin does it's job, but in my case it makes me have reset the spawn every time the server is restarted.
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    Version: 2.2.1
    Excellent work i am very happy with this plugin, easy to use with more than enough customization for every need. The author was fast to response, willing to discuss and help out with a professional attitude that i haven't seen in even premium plugins.
    1. EndlessGames
      Author's Response
      Hi LucidAPs,

      Thanks for your words! It is important for us to guarantee the best possible assistance to users who decide to use our resources. If there are any other bugs, don't hesitate to contact us!

  3. Fahrenheit451
    Version: 2.2.0
    Excellent! Does the job perfectly and with no fuss or drama. Thanks a lot for this!
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      Author's Response
      I'm glad you appreciate! Soon we are going to release a massive update, with great improvements and new optional features ;-)
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    Version: 2.1.0
    Excellent plugin. Does exactly what it is suppose to do. Keep up the good work!
    1. EndlessGames
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Other features in updates are coming soon ;-)
  5. Punox
    Version: 2.0
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      Thank you very much for your review! We'll add the video to the post asap!
  6. Maple_leaves
    Version: 2.0
    Good plugin, good developer, good support! I'm a server owner from China and I like your plugin. Can I advertise this wonderful plugin to MCBBS?
    1. EndlessGames
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! We don't want to share this product in other marketplaces, so I'm sorry but you can't. Have a nice day.
  7. ragno3
    Version: 1.0
    The plugin works correctly. It is easy and clean and do what it's supposed to do. The to-do list is very interesting, please update... I what that features!
    1. EndlessGames
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      Thank you for your review!
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    Version: 2017-09-28
    great plugin.....................................................................
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      Thank you for your review! We'll release new plugins asap. The first three plugins are basic, but free :)