Volleyball 1.3.12

Quick and easy-to-use volleyball in Minecraft.

  1. Xorgon
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    • 1.16
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    Volleyball is a simple, easy to use plugin for playing volleyball!

    A ball spawns on the court for each serve. Players hit the ball by punching it. Sprinting and jumping both increase the power of your shot. Use one, or both, to hit the ball as far as you want.

    Teams take turns serving. Each time the ball goes over the net, a team has 3 shots to hit it back over. The first team to score 21 points wins.


    Head-up score tracking.

    Chat notifications that allow players to quickly join and teleport to the court.

    In-game instructions that are easily accessible when joining a game.

    The ball is highlighted with the colour of the last team to hit it.

    Fun particle and sound effects

    Check out this gameplay (note, this was on a slightly older version and so not all features are present in this video):

    Simply drop the plugin .jar into your plugins folder. Volleyball also requires you to have WorldEdit installed. For use with Minecraft versions 1.14 and 1.15 use Volleyball version 1.3.10. For use with Minecraft version 1.13.2 use Volleyball version 1.3.3.

    - vb.user -- Allows the player to participate in games and receive upcoming game alerts. (default: true)
    - vb.tp -- Allows players to teleport to games using the '/vb join' command. The "Click here to join the game!" part of the alert message won't be sent to players without this permission. (default: true)
    - vb.admin -- Allows the player to setup and modify courts as well as use debug commands. (default: op)

    The only command is /volleyball (/vb may be used as well)

    For users:
    - /vb join <court name> -- Joins the specified court's game if possible and teleports to the court. If the game is already in progress, the player will be teleported nearby to spectate.
    - /vb help -- Displays instructions on how to play Volleyball.

    For admins:
    - /vb addcourt <court name> -- Adds a court with the specified name.
    - /vb removecourt <court name> -- Removes the specified court.
    - /vb listcourts -- Lists all loaded courts.
    - /vb set <red/blue> <court name> -- Sets the current WorldEdit selection as the red or blue court area.
    - /vb set displayname <court name> <display name> -- Sets the display name used for upcoming game alerts. If none is specified, the alert will just say a game is starting but not where.
    - /vb set <minteamsize/maxteamsize> <court name> <team size> -- Sets the minimum team size to start a game or the maximum players allowed in each team.
    - /vb set ballsize <court name> <ball size> -- Sets the desired ball size. By default the ball size is 3.
    - /vb set inviterange <court name> <invite range> -- Sets the range (in blocks) within which invitations to join games are sent. Values less than 0 are considered unlimited ranges, including between worlds. By default the range is -1.
    - /vb set power <court name> <power multiplier> -- Sets the power multiplier for the court. By default the power is 1.

    For help on setting up a court, watch this video:

    For admins wanting to debug/test:
    - /vb spawn -- spawns a ball at the current location in a court.
    - /vb start -- starts a game on the court the player is standing in without checking team size etc.
    - /vb end -- ends the game playing on the court the player is standing in.
    - /vb testbound -- checks whether the player is in a court and displays the name of the court if they are.
    - /vb romancandle <height>-- does the roman candle particle effect used at the end of the game. The colour is determined by what court side the player is in and the height argument is optional.
    Message Customization
    Messages can be customized by editing the messages.yml file using the following format:
    '{teamname} §ehas too few players and so forfeits.'

    Placeholders are surrounded by curly braces "{}", these are replaced by the plugin. A list of the available placeholders are found below.

    Message colours are selected with "§<colour code>" and use the default Minecraft colour codes.

    To entirely disable a message, simply set the message to an empty string, for example:
    Code (Text):
    game-start: ''
    To avoid accidentally deleting custom messages, the messages.yml file is not overwritten if it breaks. To restore defaults simply delete the messages.yml file entirely and reload or restart the server.

    Note: If the message starts with a placeholder (i.e. if it begins with a curly brace "{") it must be surrounded by single quotes, as in the example above.

    {teamname} - Team name (Red/Blue) with appropriate colour, only used on messages where a team name is relevant.
    {court.name} - Court display name, only used in "match-starting-with-name".
    {court.maxhits} - The maximum hits allowed per team when the ball goes over the net.
    {court.maxscore} - The maximum score in a match.
    {court.startdelay} - The delay before starting a match.

    Resource Pack
    A simple Volleyball resource pack is available here. It includes a reskin of the slime to look more like a volleyball and also changes the punching sounds to sound like you're hitting a volleyball.

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