Voracious Plugin 0.6

Use /eat to chow down on any item. Configure each item's effect on hunger.

  1. GlaceGwyneth
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Use /eat to consume an item
    Use /taste to play out the effects but with no burp; everyone will know if you really ate that diamond.
    /taste can also be given an argument for how many chomps to perform

    You can override the defaultFoodValue (see below) in the config.yml using syntax like:
    ARROW: 4
    BARREL: -1
    CACTUS: 200

    1 unit is half a 'meat' on the hunger bar, and negative values remove them as you would expect.
    If you eat something while full, or eat something so filling it gives you more than 20 food, the rest is applied as saturation.

    For a full list of item names, see here

    config.yml reference:
    • defaultFoodValue: How many pieces of the hunger bar any given food item will restore when using /eat.

    • crumbsPerChomp: How many particles to spawn per chomp

    • crumbSpeed: How fast the crumb particles fly around.

    • chompsPerItem: How many chomps to take before the burp (for /eat)
      or before the animation ends (for /taste).
      This is used when no argument is given to /taste.

    • chompsPerSecond: This and chompsPerItem control the effective duration of the animation.
      Note that this may not be exact as timing is limited by the server's tick rate.
      The normal in-game eating animation is roughly ~4.66 chomps per second.

    • verticalOffsetFromEye: How far down from the player's eye position to spawn the particles.

    • distanceFromCamera: Some extra distance forward from the eye position so the particles don't spawn inside your face.

    • For taste_settings only, maxChomps controls the upper limit on the number of chomps that can be passed to /taste as an argument.

    • And finally, there's maxRandomOffsetForCrumbPosition_X, Y, and Z.
      The crumb particles are spawned slightly off from the position set by verticalOffsetFromEye and distanceFromCamera, and this setting is how far away they can be at most.

    Let me know if it works, or if it makes your computer explode


    Put Voracious.jar in your server's plugins folder.

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