Vote-link 1.0

A plugins that gives votelinks through chat, commands and signs!

  1. Polaroidz
    Looking for a plugin that shows you a link to your voting site? Then stop searching! this plugin will show you a vote link in the chat.

    • Vote - Shows you the links to vote
    • Votelink - Shows the help menu
    • Votelink reload - reloads the config
    type in your vote link and server name and you're done

    1. Drag the .jar file in de plugins folder
    2. Config the Configuration file
    3. Enjoy
    • No Permissions yet
    To Do
    1. Make config file
    2. Add more links
    3. Add colors
    4. Add server name
    5. Add sign support
    Need to do
    1. Add permissions
    2. Add possibility to enable and disable things.
    3. Add automessager
    4. Add vortifier