Vote4MyServer 1.0

Gives players link to website and voting pages

  1. SickNation
    Vote4MyServer is a new bukkit voting plugin made for voting and look at websites, i made this as my first plugin on the 20 October 2013. I have tested it out for bugs and sort of that lot on my own private server!!
    • /website - to get your website (can be config in config file).
    • /vote - to vote for the server (can be config in config file).
    • More commands Soon.
    • - to get /vote
    • - to get /website
    Configuration: No Picture 0.o
    To Do:
    • Add Custom Colours
    • Add More Commands
    • Ask People What They Want Added
    • Make It Popular <
      - ;)
    Thanks for reading and i hope you like the plugin i made :)

Recent Reviews

  1. xzmassiveimpactx
    Version: 1.0
  2. Jacko
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks!!! was looking for a plugin like this, you really helped me :)