VoteCommand - Execute commands on vote via Votifier. 1.0

Execute commands on vote via Votifier.

  1. addemod
    Execute commands on vote via Votifier.
    This is a simple listener for votifier but acts like a plugin. You put the .jar file in the plugins folder, run the server, configure the config file and you're ready to go! You can also test the vote for a player with /votetest <player>.
    This command will execute all the commands you've setup for this player.

    NOTICE: The player has to be online because of the free use of commands as I can't control the commands you choose to use.
    You'll also need VOTIFIER and VAULT to make this plugin work.

    /votetest <player> - Simulate a vote by a player.

    The permissions starts with hellwars because it was for my own server to begin with.

    hellwars.votecommand.execute - On vote, the player "executes" the commands.
    hellwars.votecommand.test - Allows to simulate a test vote.

    Log - Log everything that happens. (Print in console and save to log file.)
    Use Permission - If true, the execute permission is needed to execute the commands for this player.
    Prefix - This is the text in front of every message of the plugin.
    Broadcast.Enable - On vote, broadcast a custom message from this plugin, no extra command needed.

    Broadcast.Message - The message that it should display on broadcast if enabled.
    Commands - Add commands like the example I've given in the config that will execute on vote made.

    Placeholders for the commands is only:
    • %user% - The player's name who voted.
    • %prefix% - The prefix that is in the config, can be used for other broadcast plugins. (Etc. "- broadcast %prefix% &a%user% voted for the server!")