VotedFly 1.0.7

Give your players time to fly.

  1. RaceShafter
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    You want to give your players the possibility to fly? No problem. With VotedFly you can add time to players, in which they can fly.

    Why VotedFly?
    -> Support of multiple worlds.
    -> SafeJoin: Players are still flying when leaving the server while flying.
    -> SafeFall: Players dont get hurt through fall damage if their fly gets disabled.
    -> Changeable language (incl. placeholder).
    -> Conserves resources.

    German translation coming.

    Commands & Permissions:
    • - /fly
      • /fly (enables/disables flymode)
      • /fly help (shows help menue)
      • /fly info (shows your flytime)
    • - /flyadmin (perm: votedfly.admin)
      • /flyadmin info <player> (shows player flytime)
      • /flyadmin add <player> <time in seconds> (adds time to a player; negative amount to take time from player; final negative amount for unlimited fly)
    • Permission für infinity fly: votedfly.bypass
    • Permission für Fly in allen Welten: votedfly.worldlimit.bypass
    Information: In the config.yml you have to write every world in lower cases! Otherwise you will get the message, that fly isnt allowed in that world.

Recent Updates

  1. Little Fix
  2. Fly in every world
  3. Bypass permission